Andrew Thompson

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Andrew Thompson is an experienced business editor and journalist, who writes on the latest developments and trends shaping Asia Pacific financial markets. His major focus is the Australian Security Exchange (ASX) equity market, but he also covers global commodity and currency markets, as well as fixed-income and alternative investments. He worked at The Australian Broadcasting Corporation across TV, online and radio for nine years. As a writer, researcher and media advisor, Andrew’s work has also appeared in The Guardian UK, The Australian Financial Review, Real Deals UK, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, and Seven West Media, among others. He has also worked in a range of research and communications roles across Europe, the U.S., East Africa and Asia Pacific – for organisations, including RMIT University, The Burnet Institute, Actis and Centum Investments. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Journalism from RMIT University and a Certificate of Investor Relations from the Australasi

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