The Most Traded Stocks by TipRanks Investors in January 2022
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The Most Traded Stocks by TipRanks Investors in January 2022

January 2022 brought a brutal start to the year for investors, and TipRanks investors bought and sold more stocks than in the previous month. To see which stocks they traded, we looked at the Buy and Sell transactions of the more than half a million investors who hold a TipRanks Smart Portfolio.

Most Bought Stocks

There were lots of familiar names on the list when compared to December‘s list. Apple and Tesla continue to be the top two most purchased stocks. Meanwhile, Sofi Technologies returned to the list for the first time since September, and Google is also back.

Analysts are mixed on SOFI, with seven saying Buy and three saying Hold, giving the stock a Moderate Buy rating consensus. That being said, they have set a very attractive average price target of $20.30, which translates into over 70% upside potential.

Corporate insiders are also giving reasons to be optimistic on SOFI stock. Company director George Thompson Hutton, one of Sofi’s insiders, bought $2,429,881,472 worth of shares on the open market two months ago. Despite these positive signals, the stock has an Underperform Smart Score of 2 out of 10 based on our data-driven stock score, reflecting negative technicals, fundamentals, and hedge fund activity.

Google, on the other hand, has a Strong Buy analyst rating consensus with no Hold or Sell ratings, and 10 Buy ratings in the past three months. The stock’s average analyst price target implies close to 18% upside, and it boasts a maximum Smart Score of 10 out of 10.

1 Apple (AAPL), no change

2 Tesla (TSLA), no change

3 Microsoft (MSFT), previously 6th, replaced NIO

4 Nvidia (NVDA), no change

5 Nio (NIO), previously 3rd, replaced Meta Platforms

6 Meta Platforms (FB), previously 5th, replaced Microsoft

7 Amazon (AMZN), previously 10th, replaced Paypal 

8 Google (GOOGL), previously 11th, replaced Disney 

9 Sofi Technologies (SOFI), previously 14th, replaced Alibaba

10 Paypal (PYPL), previously 10th, replaced Amazon

Most Sold Stocks

Once again, nine out of ten of the most sold stocks were the same as in the previous month. Alibaba dropped off the list and Ford entered for the first time since we started compiling this list in May 2021.

Analysts are mixed on Ford, which has a Moderate Buy rating consensus, based on 7 Buy, 7 Hold, and 2 Sell ratings in the past three months. Their average price target indicates over 16% upside. Furthermore, the stock has a Smart Score of 9, reflecting positive sentiment from corporate insiders, financial bloggers, and news articles.

1 Nio (NIO), no change

2 Apple (AAPL), previously 3rd, replaced Tesla

3 Tesla (TSLA), previously 2nd, replaced Apple

4 Nvidia (NVDA), no change

5 Microsoft (MSFT), previously 8th, replaced Alibaba

6 Paypal (PYPL), previously 6th, replaced Lucid Group

7 Amazon (AMZN), previously 10th, replaced Meta Platforms

8 Meta Platforms (FB), previously 7th, replaced Microsoft 

9 Lucid Group (LCID), previously 6th, replaced Paypal

10 Ford (F), previously 17th, replaced Amazon

We’ll be back soon with February’s most traded stocks. In the meantime, if you want to check out your own portfolio’s performance, open a Smart Portfolio on TipRanks.

Disclaimer: The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment. Read full Disclaimer Disclosure.


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