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BBBY Forecast: This Analyst Got it Right. Every Time.

Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) stock has moved up and down, and there is only one analyst who gave the correct forecast every time.

Analyst Seth Basham of Wedbush has given 14 ratings on BBBY stock, most recently at the beginning of September. His Buy and Sell calls were proven correct 100% of the time.

Basham has a great track record when it comes to BBBY stock. In fact, an investor who traded in sync with all 14 of Basham’s ratings on BBBY would have seen a return on investment of more than 247%!

You can see all of Basham’s ratings on the stock in the chart below. The graph indicates that the stock price rose after his Buy ratings, remained steady in the periods following his Hold ratings, and fell following his Sell ratings.

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Will BBBY Stock Go Up?

According to the analyst rating consensus, BBBY stock is unlikely to go up. Out of 11 recent analyst ratings, there are 10 Sell ratings and one Buy rating, with an average BBBY stock price prediction of $4.00. That indicates a downside of 45%.

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