What Can TipRanks Top Individual Investors Teach You About Investing?

Have you ever wondered how your investments compare with those of other investors?

With TipRanks’ Top Individual Investors tool you can see exactly how some of our best performing users are investing. You can view the top 100 portfolios, out of over 170,000, get detailed insights into each one, and follow the investors with strategies that match your own.

In fact, you can access far more data about our individual investors than you can about the experts we analyze, making this tool particularly valuable. Here’s how it works.

Top Investors Overview

Go to the Top Individual Investors tool, the first thing you will see is an overview of the top performers. Individual investors are measured and ranked using the same criteria as financial experts including success rate, average returns and number of holdings.

Anyone that appears on the list:

1. Is using our Smart Portfolio tool

2. Has agreed to make their portfolio public (feel free to ask us how)

3. Has been active in the past six months

You can adjust the table to list form. This way you can view more investors and see the data set out differently, as well as filter columns.

Get to Know Top Individual Investors in Depth

You can see an in-depth overview of each investor’s portfolio. You can dive into an unlimited number of portfolios and choose which investors you wish to follow.

Let’s look at one of our top investor’s portfolios.


At a glance, you can view their success rate, that is what percentage of their transactions are profitable, their average return per transaction, their returns over the past 12 months, as well as year to date returns.

Next, you see a monthly breakdown of the portfolio over the past 12 months and how it compares to the average TipRanks portfolio, the best performing TipRanks portfolios, and the S&P 500.

We invite users to share a bit about themselves or their investing philosophy. Here’s one taken from another user.

Portfolio Details

Click on the Portfolio Details tab for a full portfolio overview.

You can immediately see how long the portfolio has been active, the portfolio beta (a measurement of volatility – 1 matches markets, a higher beta indicates higher volatility), and dividend yield.

Portfolio Gains

See gains over the past 6 months, 12 months, and year to date.

Best Trade

Get an overview of each investors’ best investment to date.


The next section gives you a breakdown of the asset allocation within the portfolio shown by company and sector. In each chart you see the top 6 in the category, the remainder appear under ‘other’.

Portfolio Holdings

Get a full drill down into every stock in the portfolio. As with all our tables, this one is dynamic, and you can easily adjust which columns appear by clicking ‘Select columns’. There are 19 different headers to choose from, including News Sentiment, Yearly Gain and Dividend Yield.

You can change the order by clicking on whichever header you want to sort the information by.

Recent Activity

Want to see an investor’s recent activity? This tab lets you see all transactions, including stock performance. You can of course change the order by clicking on the headers.

Now, Give it a Try

Top Individual Investors is one of our newest tools, and one of our most popular ones. It’s a helpful way to understand how our top performing individual investors manage their portfolios and can help you manage yours.  We invite you to try it out, and of course, share your feedback with us.

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