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A Personal Introduction to Our Newest Features with CEO Uri Gruenbaum

In our recent webinar, TipRanks co-founder and CEO, Uri Gruenbaum, introduced our latest features, revealed what to expect in 2022, and answered questions. Read more after the video. 

TipRanks regularly adds new features to help level the playing field for retail investors. Read on for an overview of the webinar. If you don’t want to watch the full hour, you can jump to the sections that interest you. See the times listed for each topic below.   

Website Visits 

Website Visits Analysis (06:10) 

Using our groundbreaking new Website Visits data, we looked at recent trends to Netflix’s site. This tool presents the first opportunity for individual investors to access this data. Uri presented the recent drop in website traffic to Netflix through data that was available on this tool ahead of earnings. True to TipRanks’ website traffic data, the company reported a decrease in sales, which saw the stock price fall.  

Question: Does website traffic data include app usage data as well? 
Answer: It includes mobile web but not app usage, there are privacy issues about app usage that we are not comfortable with. 

Fastest Growing Websites (11:50)  

Uri gave an overview of the new Fastest Growing Website tool, an Ultimate feature that you won’t see anywhere else. The tool shows up-to-date data about which companies have shown the greatest gains in visits to their websites.  

If you attended our last webinar, you might have heard Uri talk about Risk Analysis, another unique dataset that we were developing at the time. The Risk Analysis tool enables investors to easily research companies’ risks. This is essential information that hasn’t been available to individual investors until now, and you won’t find elsewhere. Uri showed an example of a Spotify risk that has become particularly relevant in recent days.  

In response to feedback from our users, we have simplified the design of our Risk Analysis tool, which went live following the webinar.  

Additional New Features

Additional New Features  

In addition to our Android app launch and improved navigation on the platform, Uri touched on these additional new features, all of which were added in 2021:  

Dividend Calculator (19:19) 

Penny Stocks screener (19:45) 

Market Movers (20:48)  

Watchlist and Email AlertsEmail alerts (21:32)  

News and Analysis (24:28) 

Question:  Can TipRanks send its Alerts via text messages to cellphones?
Answer: If you use the TipRanks app you can receive push notifications. We also have email alerts, although not text messages. Our product managers will investigate whether there is a demand for this feature.  

What to Expect in 2022  

More Markets (26:47) 

We want to expand our news and content and expand TipRanks globally. We currently cover the U.S, Canada, and UK markets. By the end of the year, we plan to expand to Europe, India, and Australia. Our goal is to become a global household name.  

Question: Are you planning to cover other markets like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, etc. What about Latin America? 
Answer: Yes, we’re hoping to add coverage to all these markets in 2023.  

Smart Portfolio (27:43) 

We’ve had a lot of requests to support additional assets and currencies, and this new version will go live at the end of March, after a year and a half of development. It will also include fractional shares and stocks from the UK and Germany, and will support cryptocurrencies. We are also changing how Smart Portfolio ranks individual investors.  

Question: Is there a way to add the Smart Score to the holdings list in Smart Portfolio? 
Answer: Yes, the new version of Smart Portfolio will include the Smart Score.  

Question: Is the new Smart Portfolio going to support shorts and options? 
Answer: Unfortunately, no. The scope of the Smart Portfolio is huge, so we decided to release it in phases. The initial version won’t support shorts and options; however, we hope to add shorts in phase two.  

TipRanks TV (30:37) 

We’ll soon be launching a new part of our website dedicated to original video content. We’ve got some great people joining us, and some very cool new content on its way.

Crypto Pages and other Assets (30:41) 

We plan to add many more crypto pages. You can see data about Bitcoin and Ethereum that we added in 2021, and we plan to add analysis for all popular coins. We will also add ETFs and mutual funds to the platform this year.  

Technical Analysis (32:25) 

If we meet all our goals this year, we will also add technical analysis tools with advanced charting in 2022. 

Q&A (33:14) 

Question: Have you tested the predictive accuracy of the Smart Score compared to indexes? 
Answer: Yes, and you can discover how stocks with a Smart Score of 10 compare to the S&P 500, since 2016, on the Top Smart Score Stocks tool.  

Question: I have Ultimate. Can we receive training with all we can do with it? 
Answer: Yes! We are soon starting bi-weekly webinars so that Premium and Ultimate users can see all the tools that we offer. Isaac from our team will focus on two different research tools each time. 

Question: How can I use TipRanks as a value investor and equities trader? 
Answer: Uri himself performs research as a value investor. He has many portfolios, including one with value stocks like AT&T, Pfizer, and dividend-paying companies, so he can track what the top analysts are saying about them and what their Smart Score is. The stock comparison tool is also a good way to compare stocks.  Following the webinar, we added a predefined setting for value stocks.

With regards to equity trading, a lot of the data we have is for long-term investments. Analysts give 12-month price predictions, and website traffic is useful over monthly or quarterly periods. The data that we’ve found most useful for day traders is News Sentiment, which shows you what is happening that day. More than any other tool, this is indicative of short-term price movements. When we add technical analysis tools, we’ll have more signals that work for traders. 

Question: Where can I find top dividend stocks?  
Answer: A great way to do this is through the stock comparison tool, which has a pre-defined setting for dividend stocks. You can also search for dividend stock news in the News portal.  

Question: How can I compare metaverse stocks? 
Answer: Again, the answer lies in the stock comparison tool, which has a pre-defined setting for metaverse stocks.  

Question: Which is more compelling, a Stock with a Smart Score of 10 or a Strong Buy? 
Answer: Over time, a stock with a Smart Score of 10 performs better than Strong Buy stocks. There are fewer top Smart Score stocks than there are Strong Buy Stocks. However, you need to take a deeper dive. The Smart Score considers 8 factors in the score. With a Strong Buy stock, it makes sense to read the reasoning behind it. On a personal note, Uri would go with a Smart Score of 10 on top of a Strong Buy rating.  

Question: I have Ultimate. Can we receive training with all we can do with it? 
Answer: Yes! We are soon starting bi-weekly webinars so that Premium and Ultimate users can see all the tools that we offer. Isaac from our team will focus on two different research tools each time. 

We love hearing from you, so if you have any more questions, please reach out to us.

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