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Looking to Invest in Australian Stocks? Here Are the Top Analysts to Follow

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Let’s have a look at the top five analysts in Australia who have vast experience in the metals and mining sectors.

As an investor, if you’re looking to explore different sectors and geographies, following a successful analyst is the best thing to do. The analyst recommendation acts as a perfect guide for investors while entering a new market or sector.

Therefore, using TipRanks’ Expert Center, we have shortlisted the top five analysts from Australia that have made the highest profits in 2022. TipRanks also has a ranking system, under which it ranks the analysts based on three categories: success rate, average return, and statistical significance.

Let’s have a look at them in detail.

#1 Trent Allen (CLSA)

Trent Allen is a metals and mining research analyst at CLSA. He has vast experience covering basic metal stocks in Australia. He is ranked #934 among the various analysts in TipRanks’ database. His average return per call is almost 13%.

His most profitable rating has been on a gold mining company, Evolution Mining Ltd. (AU:EVN). He made a profit of 72.5% from October 2022 to the current date.

#2 Levi Spry (UBS)

Levi Spry is a mining analyst at UBS and has previously worked with J.P. Morgan, JCP Investment, Deutsche Bank, and others. Spry has around 20 years of experience in the mining sector. He is at rank #648 in the TipRanks database with an average return of 11.2%.

Spry’s best rating has also been Evolution Mining, where he made a profit of 72.5% from October 2022 to the present date.

#3 Al Harvey (J.P. Morgan)

AI Harvey is a lead mining analyst at J.P. Morgan and covers metals such as lithium, gold, mineral sands, etc. He has been ranked at #1506 on TipRanks and makes an average return of 11.6%.

His Buy recommendation on Northern Star Resources Ltd. (AU:NST), a gold mining company, has made a profit of almost 60%. He made this return during the three months between September 2022 and December 2022.

#4 Mitch Ryan (Jefferies)

Mitch Ryan is a senior VP and equity analyst for metal and mining stocks. He primarily covers Australian small and microcap companies. His rank among the TipRanks analysts is #1681.

Gold Road Resources Ltd. (AU:GOR), a mining company in Australia, was Ryan’s best rating so far, on which he has earned 60.7% profits. The rating was during the period between September 2022 and December 2022. Overall, his average return is 32.7% per call.

#5 Matthew Hope (Credit Suisse)

Matthew Hope is a commodities analyst at Credit Suisse and is ranked #612 on TipRanks. He earns an average of around 20% on every call.

His Buy rating on Whitehaven Coal Limited (AU:WHC), a coal mine operator, has generated a profit of 81.4% from July 2022 to October 2022.


By following these analysts in Australia, investors could get the benefit of their vast experience and knowledge of the market. Furthermore, the analyst rankings assist investors in focusing on top-rated analysts and their favorite stocks.

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