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How To Use TipRanks’ “Analysts’ Top Stocks” Tool to Find New Investment Ideas

Where can you turn when looking for fresh investment ideas? If you want to know which stocks Wall Street’s best-performing analysts are rating as Strong Buys, or Strong Sells, TipRanks Analysts’ Top Stocks is the tool for you.

Like all TipRanks tools, it is easy to use and you can filter data to match your investment preferences. Here’s how it works (scroll down to read more).

Sector Overview

The first thing you see is a sector overview. At a glance, you can see which sectors are generating the most “Strong Buy”, “Moderate Buy”, “Hold”, “Moderate Sell”, and “Strong Sell” ratings. Hover your mouse over the lines to get a breakdown of each sector.

Analysts consensus by sector

Get a Detailed Review of the Most Recommended Stocks

Scroll down to search for stocks with a Strong Buy, or Strong Sell rating consensus according to Wall Street’s best-performing analysts. You can filter according to rating, (Strong Buy or Strong Sell), market cap, or sector.

The results table gives you a detailed overview of each stock, if you wish to exclude any of the columns, you can easily do so by clicking on ‘Select columns’. For each stock you can see its

– Price
– Price change (1 day)
– Market cap
– Sector
– Best analyst price target
– Stock rating
– Last rating
– Recent stock behavior, over the past 3 months
– Rating reasoning

You also have the option to sort data according to whichever category you choose, for example, price target, by clicking the top of a column.

Analysts’ most recommended stocks

If you want to add a stock to your portfolio, hover your mouse by its name and click on the + that appears. To get a more detailed analysis of a stock, click on its name.

Now Give it a Try

Analysts’ Top Stocks is one of our most popular tools. It is updated daily, so you always know which stocks leading analysts are recommending.

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