2021 Was Our Best Year Ever and We Owe it All To… You!

2021 was unique. At the start of the year it was difficult for us to project 12 months ahead, as we usually do. The world was coming out of lockdown, and we faced continued uncertainty. However, we’re delighted to report that 2021 turned out to be our best year to date.

A Year of Growth

The year started with strong growth throughout the financial industry. Millions of new investors began trading in the financial markets. They opened accounts and sought reliable data and insights. Before we knew it, over 3 million monthly visitors were using TipRanks. It didn’t end there: our users talked about us on social media, sharing insights they found on TipRanks with their followers.

It wasn’t just individual investors who were talking about us. Some of the world’s biggest publishers, including Bloomberg, Business Insider, and The Telegraph in the UK, quoted TipRanks in their reporting.

In April, we closed a significant investment round of $77M. This is good news for TipRanks users, as we invest that money into TipRanks to provide even more data and expand our coverage. Read on for more details about what to expect.

More People, More Activities

Our headcount doubled in 2021 to over 100 employees. For the first time, our focus shifted from R&D only, to content, marketing, and sales. We started publishing videos to our YouTube channel every day, created a strong news team to report around the clock, and built a global sales team to develop the enterprise side of the business. (Fun fact: most of our users don’t know that a significant part of our business involves licensing data to global banks and hedge funds).

We released exciting new tools that were simply not available to retail investors, until now. These include:

Simplified Risk Analysis for any stock

Website Traffic Analysis of listed companies – before the companies report the numbers

Alert Center – so you are in full control of your notifications

Real-time index prices – see how major indexes perform in real-time

Plus, we added many more improvements to make your life easier. There are many additional features in development that our users asked for and are on track to be ready in early 2022.  

Were all our product decisions good? Absolutely not; we released features that we found did not bring enough value or were not clear enough. This required us to go back to the whiteboard. And if that isn’t enough, we completely missed the crypto boom, a mistake we are not going to repeat in 2022.

New Partnerships

As you know, 2021 was a difficult year for travel. This meant we couldn’t spend time with our enterprise clients or potential partners. Despite this, we partnered with many new financial institutions who integrated our research tools on their platforms this year.

These include CIBC (Canada), Stockal (India), DBS (Singapore), Questrade (Canada), Panda systems (globally), and a total of 20 new institutions. I have to admit, it wasn’t as fun to launch these strong partnerships without celebrating together, but we have 2022 for that.

We also sponsored a headline agreement with CNBC, and today you can find TipRanks’ news all over the CNBC website’s stock pages.

While we love to work hard, we also love to play hard, and as challenging as it was to travel this year, we were able to get out and have fun on a 2-day offsite near the Sea of the Galilee.  

TipRanks Team

Looking Forward to 2022

Going back to the round we raised earlier this year, we plan to use this capital to turn TipRanks into a platform that you never have to leave. You will be able to consume financial news, analysis, and videos, and research other assets. We plan to expand our coverage with new markets and new assets, such as ETFs, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. We aspire to bring the same level of research to these assets that we bring to the stock market. After all, this is what made us so popular.

We are also building our new headquarters in Tel Aviv, which I expect to be the most beautiful office in Israel. So, if you ever visit the area and want to learn how the magic behind our product works, make sure to email our support team and we will give you a tour.

Again, it is your passion and loyalty that makes us eager to go to work every morning and build a better world for investors. Thank you for that and we wish you a wonderful, successful new year.


Uri, CEO of TipRanks signature

Uri, TipRanks CEO