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Which Websites were Most Visited in February?

Website traffic results for February are in! Let’s see which websites scored the most visits, and which websites showed the greatest percentage of gains or losses in visits to their sites.

Looking at the 10 most visited websites in February, Alphabet (GOOGL) was  once again the website traffic leader, holding the top two domains, Google.com and Youtube.com. Netflix has fallen out of the Top 10, after losing 18% traffic since the previous month.

Top 10 Most-Visited Websites in February

Rank Ticker Website Online Category Change From January %
1 GOOGL google.com Search Engines -6%
2 GOOGL youtube.com Streaming Services -10%
3 FB facebook.com Social Networks -6%
4 FB instagram.com Social Networks -7%
5 AMZN amazon.com E-Commerce -16%
6 TWTR twitter.com Social Networks -4%
7 MSFT live.com SaaS -6%
8 AMZN twitch.tv Streaming Services -13%
9 (+1) MSFT microsoftonline.com SaaS -4%
10 (+1) EBAY ebay.com E-Commerce -14%

When it comes to the list of the 100 most-visited websites, Chegg.com (CHGG)  saw the largest and most significant growth, with 75% more visitors than in January 22. Inuit.com (INTU) has gained another 22% after gaining 40% in the previous month, and perhaps relating to the start of the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, Ozon.ru (The Russian Amazon) (OZON) gained 22%.

The websites with the biggest drop in traffic were Gamestop.com (GME) -31%, Disneyplus.com (DIS), and Macys.com (M). Gamestop has lost more than 50% of its traffic in the past 3 months and Disneyplus.com has lost 24% month-over-month. Macys.com lost 22% month-over-month, and 31% year-over-year. Reduced interest in the retail sector is expected after the holiday shopping season, but the reduction in macy.com website traffic is remarkable, and likely affected by rising inflation and supply chain constraints.

February’s Website Traffic Winners

Which websites showed the largest increases in visits to their websites in February? In the second month of 2022, interest in the SaaS and Travel industries has been high. Indeed, out of the top 100 domains, the biggest  “Winners” stemmed mostly from those two industries, as indicated in the table below:

Ticker Website Online Category Change From January %
CHGG chegg.com SaaS 75%
INTU intuit.com SaaS 22%
OZON ozon.ru E-Commerce 22%
MSFT slack.com SaaS 14%
BKNG kayak.com Travel 12%
INST instructure.com SaaS 12%
GB:RYA ryanair.com Travel 11%

February’s Website Traffic Losers

In January, interest in E-Commerce and Fashion seems to have dropped, post-holidays. Out of the top 100 domains, the websites with the steepest losses in visitors are associated with those two industries. Here are the biggest “Losers”:

Ticker Website Online Category Change From January %
GME gamestop.com E-Commerce -31%
DIS disneyplus.com Streaming Services -24%
M macys.com Fashion -22%
FB whatsapp.com Social Networks -21%
LOW lowes.com E-Commerce -21%%
TGT target.com E-Commerce -20%
IDEXY zara.com Fashion -20%
GPS gap.com Fashion -19%
BILI bilibili.com Media -19%

Notable Rank Changes

We also checked out which websites saw the biggest change in ranking, in terms of amount of website traffic. The biggest change was from the British online gambling website 888casino.com (GB:888), which went up 138 places. Other notable websites that rose in ranking were the following: 

Gxo.com (GXO), up 75 places

Nytco.com (NYT), up 75 places

1800flowers.com (FLWS), up 59 places

Merchant.wish.com (WISH), up 58 places

Join us next month for March’s website traffic winners and losers.

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