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Top 25 Corporate Insiders

See the Corporate Insiders with the highest returns on their transactions. Follow their activity to maximize your returns.

Showing top corporate insiders with transactions measured over 1 Year and No Benchmark
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How We Rank Financial Experts

By tracking and measuring the performance of over 50,000 financial experts, TipRanks is able to identify the top 25 experts within each sector who consistently outperform the markets. Now that we’ve done the work for you and crunched all the data, all you need to do is browse the top experts and follow your favorites to be instantly notified whenever they recommend to buy or sell your stocks.

TipRanks Star RankingTM

TipRanks Star Ranking is calculated based on the combinations of the following factors:

  • Expert Success Rate

    The percentage of an analyst’s ratings resulting in a positive return

  • Expert Average Return

    The average return per expert recommendation

  • Statistical Significance

    The more data we collect on an expert, the more statistically significant his measurement is.