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Greg Parrish

Greg Parrish
Morgan Stanley

Wall Street Analyst
#4,277 out of 8,379 Wall Street Analysts
#11,400 out of 33,343 experts

Success Rate

3 out of 3 transactions made a profit

Average Return

Average return per transaction
Time Frame
1 Year
Compare to
No Benchmark
Copying Greg Parrish's trades since 2023 and holding each position for 1 Year would result in 100.00% of your transactions generating a profit, with an average return of 17.3% per rating.

Stock Rating Distribution

55.56% Hold
44.44% Buy
0.00% Sell
Distribution of Greg Parrish's ratings

Additional Information

Main Sector:General
Geo Coverage:
United StatesUS Market

Best Rating

Stride, Inc.
Date:Jan 04, 2023 - Mar 10, 2023
The most profitable rating made by Greg Parrish

Greg Parrish's Stock Coverage

Price Target
No. of Ratings
Success Rate
Avg. Return
Apr 26, 2023
(22.10% Upside)
Advantage Solutions
May 11, 2023
(61.29% Upside)
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Greg Parrish activity FAQ

What is the performance of Greg Parrish's recommendations?
The percentage of profitable recommendations made by Greg Parrish is 100%, and the average return per transaction is 17.30%.
    What stocks does Greg Parrish cover?
    Greg Parrish mostly covers LRN , ADV , stocks.
      What was Greg Parrish’s latest rating?
      Greg Parrish latest rating was a hold on LRN with a price target of $50.00, which represents an Upside of 22.10%
        What was Greg Parrish's most profitable rating?
        Greg Parrish’s most profitable ratings was a buy on LRN stock on Jan 04, 2023 - Mar 10, 2023. The return on the trade was +24.10%.
          Where can i see a list of stock analyst ratings?
          You can see a list of daily stock analyst ratings here.
            What are the most recommended stocks by analysts?
            You can see a list of the most recommended stocks by analysts here