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Most Declining Websites – Losers

Discover the publicly traded companies whose website traffic is down. These websites have the biggest website traffic losses over the past month. See changes in website traffic from the previous month and uncover the websites with the biggest traffic losses per industry.
Monthly Change
Quarterly Change
Year-to-Date Change
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Our mission is to provide you with the most useful and accurate data about Website Traffic.
Please let us know if there are other websites that we should add in order to improve this tool's performance.
How do I use the TipRanks Website Traffic Screener?
The TipRanks Website Screener shows you which websites belonging to publicly traded companies have gained or lost the most traffic in the past month. The table also presents quarterly and year-to-date changes in website traffic. You can filter the website category to focus on a particular industry or industries from the dropdown list. You can also adjust type of visits (unique or total), type of device (all, mobile, or desktop), and number of monthly users. As with all TipRanks tools, you can adjust the country.

Compare a company’s website traffic to the previous year’s traffic, as well as to the previous period’s traffic, which is the default view. Here’s a breakdown of what this means:
Monthly Change
Same period last year compares website traffic in September 2021 to September 2020
Previous period compares website traffic in September 2021 to August 2021
Quarterly Change
Same period last year compares website traffic from April-June 2021 to April-June 2020
Previous period compares website traffic from April-June 2021 to January-March 2021
Year-to-Date Change
Compares website traffic from January-September 2021 to January-September 2020


What is the purpose of the Website Traffic Screener?
The purpose of the Website Traffic Screener is to enhance your stock research. It shows you how a company’s website domains are performing. The tool enables you to analyze changes in consumer behavior and predict how this might affect the upcoming earnings report and stock price.
    What is the difference between unique visitors and total visits?
    Unique visitors refers to the number of individuals who visit a website in a given time period. For example, one person who visits the same website multiple times throughout the day is considered one unique visitor.
    Visits, on the other hand, refers to every visit to the website in given period. In this example, if one person visits the same website 12 times in one day, that counts as 12 visits.