Who Owns Palantir Stock?
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Who Owns Palantir Stock?

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We break down the ownership structure of Palantir stock using TipRanks’ Ownership tools.

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Shares of software company Palantir Technologies (NYSE:PLTR) are up about 84% year-to-date. This rally in PLTR stock is supported by the solid adoption of its artificial intelligence platform (AIP), which has enabled the company to win large customer deals and expand its margins. As PLTR is well-positioned to benefit from AI-driven demand, it’s the right time to see who owns Palantir.

Now, according to TipRanks’ ownership page, public companies and individual investors own 64.40% of Palantir. They are followed by other institutional investors, mutual funds, and insiders at 21.20%, 12.10%, and 2.31%, respectively. 

Digging Deeper into Palantir’s Ownership Structure

Looking closely at institutions (Mutual Funds and Other Institutional Investors), Vanguard owns an 8.86% stake in PLTR stock. Next up is Vanguard Index Funds, which holds a 7.90% stake in the company.

Among the institutions, the Hedge Fund Confidence Signal is Positive on PLTR stock based on the activity of 19 hedge funds. Hedge funds increased their PLTR holdings by 5.4M shares in the last quarter. 

It’s worth noting that individual investors have a Neutral view of the company. In the last 30 days, the number of portfolios (tracked by TipRanks) holding Palantir stock increased by 1.3%. Overall, among the 735,043 portfolios monitored by TipRanks, 3.9% have invested in Palantir stock.

Is Palantir a Buy, Sell, or Hold?

Palantir stock has gained substantially over the past year, keeping Wall Street analysts sidelined. It has received two Buys, seven Holds, and three Sell recommendations for a Hold consensus rating. 

The analysts’ average price target on PLTR stock is $21.89, implying 0.60% upside potential from current levels.


TipRanks’ Ownership tool provides PLTR ownership structure by category, enabling investors to make well-informed investing decisions.

For a thorough assessment of Palantir stock, go to TipRanks’ Stock Analysis page.



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