Moderna, OpenAI collaborate to advance mRNA medicine
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Moderna, OpenAI collaborate to advance mRNA medicine

Moderna and OpenAI announced their ongoing collaboration to co-innovate with a shared vision of AI’s transformative potential in the future of business and healthcare. Moderna is a digital-first company that has leveraged the power of machine learning since its beginnings. This strong data foundation, along with its robust culture of learning, positions the Company to responsibly and seamlessly integrate generative AI into its operations and capitalize on next-generation AI innovation. The organizations began their collaboration in early 2023 with the launch of Moderna’s own instance of ChatGPT, called mChat, which was internally built on top of OpenAI’s API. With more than 80% internal adoption since its debut, this initial success accelerated an AI culture that led to the deployment of ChatGPT Enterprise and its enhanced capabilities such as Advanced Analytics, Image Generation and GPTs. These GPTs are now embedded across Moderna’s business functions – from legal, to research, to manufacturing, to commercial – and are purpose-built as assistants that work beside Moderna’s employees, augmenting their roles through personalized support. With these tools serving as an extension to Moderna’s team, the Company can advance its mission to deliver the greatest possible impact to people through mRNA medicines.

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