GrowthLoop announces partnership with TransUnion
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GrowthLoop announces partnership with TransUnion

GrowthLoop announced a new partnership with TransUnion. This partnership pairs GrowthLoop’s best-in-class unified audience layer with TransUnion’s TruAudience Marketing Solutions, which provides high-quality data on more than 98 percent of consumers across the country. Together, they help solve a significant pain point for marketers: overspending on ad campaigns that often fail to reach their target audience. The disparities between a company’s first-party data collected from its owned channels and the data from third-party advertising platforms like Facebook and Google Ads have led to match rates hovering at a mere 20-40%. This number will only continue to decline as Google phases out third-party cookie support in Chrome. Low match rates mean digital advertising campaigns reach the wrong audience, or worse, create a poor user experience for individuals who should be excluded from campaigns, such as recent purchasers. Through this partnership with TransUnion, new and existing GrowthLoop customers will have the option to toggle on Enhanced Match Rate within the platform. This enables greater reach and better engagement for GrowthLoop’s enterprise customers in industries including financial services, healthcare, technology, telecommunications, sports, entertainment, retail, consumer packaged goods, and more.

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