Yellow Pages launches nationwide cover art competition
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Yellow Pages launches nationwide cover art competition

MONTREAL, April 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions Limited (“Yellow Pages”), a leading Canadian digital media and marketing company, is thrilled to announce a nationwide art competition “Our Cover, Your Canvas”.

“This exciting initiative encourages all Canadians to unleash their creativity through various artistic methods, including drawings, paintings, photos, and more, with the goal of having their artwork featured on selected Yellow Pages print directory covers beginning in 2025,” said Sherilyn King, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service at Yellow Pages.

The theme of the competition is Discover, Shop & Support Your Local Community.

“What comes to mind when you think of your local Canadian neighborhood? That favorite ice cream shop, vibrant streets, charming window displays or is it the local business owners that you take pride in supporting? Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy, and we are proud to be offering this exposure to help them shine. Celebrate and champion what local means to you!” added Sherilyn King.

Competition Details: Participants are invited to submit their artwork through a dedicated competition website: www.ypsolutions.ca/submissions or www.ypsolutions.ca/soumissions.
They must complete the required Entry Form on the site and accept the Competition Rules.

Competition Duration: The initial entry period ends September 30, 2024. See the website for more details.

Prize: The confirmed winners will have their artwork featured on the front cover of selected Yellow Pages print directories across Canada starting in 2025. With nearly six million Yellow Pages directories distributed throughout the country the exposure potential is huge. In addition to the cover feature, a short biography of the artist will be printed inside the directory. The biography can include information about the winner such as contact details, a link to their website or social media handles (if applicable) and more.

“At Yellow Pages, we connect people and businesses in neighbourhoods across Canada through our print, digital properties and services.  What better way to highlight the significant role that these local small and medium businesses play within our vibrant communities than by having artwork submissions to celebrate them? This competition is an opportunity for Canadians to showcase their creativity and to take pride in what makes Canadian communities unique,” stated Sherilyn King.

About Yellow Pages:

Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions Limited is a Canadian digital media and marketing company that creates opportunities for buyers and sellers to interact and transact in the local economy.

For more information, visit www.ypsolutions.ca/submissions or www.ypsolutions.ca/soumissions.

Media Contact:
Sherilyn King
Senior Vice President- Sales, Marketing and Customer Service 

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