5 Top-Performing Hedge Fund Managers in November 2023
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5 Top-Performing Hedge Fund Managers in November 2023

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TipRanks’ Expert Center enables investors to track the transactions and top picks of renowned financial experts. Let’s take a look at the performance of the top five of the 483 hedge fund managers that TipRanks monitors.

The improving U.S. economic landscape in the wake of declining inflation and low unemployment may leave investors considering stocks for their portfolios. To support investors, TipRanks provides several tools allowing direct access to expert opinions for informed investment decisions. One such tool is Top Hedge Fund Managers, which helps assess the performance of about 483 hedge fund managers. The tool ranks them according to their success rates, average returns, and the statistical significance of their trades.

Here is a look at the top five hedge fund managers on TipRanks’ Expert Center. These managers earned outstanding average returns and portfolio gains.

#1. Christopher Niemczewski – Marshfield Associates

Topping the list is Christopher Niemczewski, with a portfolio gain of 451.26% since June 2013 and an average return of 14.54% in the last 12 months. Furthermore, a hedge fund manager’s return on a portfolio is best measured by the Sharpe ratio, which measures the portfolio’s returns against its risks. A Sharpe ratio greater than one means that the portfolio has higher returns than risks. Niemczewski has a Sharpe ratio of 7.28.

Insurance solutions provider Arch Capital Group (NASDAQ:ACGL) takes the number one spot in Niemczewski’s holdings, as it makes up 11.33% of the overall portfolio.

#2. John Kim – Night Owl Capital Management L.L.C.

Securing the second position is hedge fund manager John Kim, who boasts an impressive portfolio gain of 549.68% and a 34.99% average annual return in the past 12 months. Kim has a Sharpe ratio of 7.08. Interestingly, his portfolio is largely dominated (10.36%) by the e-commerce giant Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN).

#3. Nelson Peltz – Trian Fund Management L.P.

Nelson Peltz bags the third spot on the list. Peltz’s portfolio has gained 492.54% and witnessed an average return of 37.48% in the past twelve months. Also, a Sharpe ratio of 6.91 is impressive. The hedge fund manager has invested most of his funds (21.7%) in Janus Henderson Group (NYSE:JHG), a global active asset manager.

#4. Chuck Akre – Akre Capital Management L.L.C.

Chuck Akre holds the fourth position on the list and boasts an average annual return rate of 14.13%. His portfolio has gained an impressive 419.2% since June 2023 and has a Sharpe ratio of 6.48. Akre’s largest holding is payment-processing company Mastercard (NYSE:MA), accounting for 19.18% of the total portfolio.

#5. Boykin Curry – Eagle Capital Management, L.L.C.

Boykin Curry is placed fifth on the list. The hedge fund manager’s portfolio has recorded a 364% gain and an average return of 29.26% in the past twelve months. Curry has a Sharpe ratio of 5.5. Amazon remains Curry’s top investment choice, representing 8.54% of the overall portfolio.

Ending Note

Tracking financial experts can potentially boost a portfolio’s profitability, given their history of generating substantial returns through their recommendations.

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