TipRanks Identifies the Top 25 UK Analysts of 2020

TipRanks, the world’s leading analyst ranking service, has identified the top 25 best performing analysts in the UK stock market in 2020. Leading the list in first place is Sherri Malek from RBC Capital in London. Berenberg Bank features five analysts, more than any other firm.

TipRanks launched in the UK at the end of 2020. This is the first time that it has announced the best UK analysts of the year.

The ranking was based on the analysts’ ability to generate returns with their stock ratings and price targets. TipRanks’ algorithms calculated the average return and statistical significance of each rating, as well as the analysts’ overall success rate. Each rating made during 2020 was measured over a three month period.

Uri Gruenbaum, TipRanks CEO, commented, ” I’m delighted to announce the top 10 UK analysts of 2020. With TipRanks retail investors in the UK can now see the historical performance of any analyst covering the London Stock Exchange. While we are not an analyst endorsement platform, we are always excited to see those that generate excess returns and feel obligated to highlight them.”

The top 25 UK analysts of 2020 are:

1. Sherri Malek, RBC Capital

2. Kai Korschelt, Canaccord Genuity

3. Alex Brooks, Canaccord Genuity

4. James Wheatcroft, Jefferies

5. Andrew Ross, Barclays

6. Aman Rakkar, Barclays

7. Sam Bland, J.P. Morgan

8. Richard Hatch, Berenberg Bank

9. Benjamin May, Berenberg Bank

10. Edward James, Berenberg Bank

11. Tom Burlton, Berenberg Bank

12. Matija Gergolet, Goldman Sachs

13. Andrew Stott, UBS

14. Ivan Bokhmat, Barclays

15. Dominic OKane, J.P. Morgan

16. Alain Gabriel, Morgan Stanley

17. Mike Prew, Jefferies

18. Charlie Sharp, Cannacord Genuity

19. Natasha Brilliant, Citigroup

20. Stuart Gordon, Berenberg

21. Sergey Donskoy, Societe Generale

22. Robert Noble, Deutsche Bank

23. Ted Nyhan, J.P. Morgan

24. Lisa Yang, Goldman Sachs

25. Ephrem Ravi, Citigroup