TipRanks Identifies the Top 100 Wall Street Analysts of 2020
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TipRanks Identifies the Top 100 Wall Street Analysts of 2020

TipRanks, the world’s leading analyst ranking service, has identified the Top 100 Wall Street analysts of 2020.

Jason Helfstein from Oppenheimer is in first place, followed by Colin Rusch, also an Oppenheimer analyst. Mark Mahaney who recently left RBC Capital and is a regular on our annual lists made third place.

The ranking was based on the analysts’ ability to generate returns with their stock ratings and price targets. TipRanks’ algorithms calculated the average return and statistical significance of each rating, as well as the analysts’ overall success rate. Each rating made during 2020 was measured over three months.

TipRanks CEO, Uri Gruenbaum, commented, “While we are not an analyst endorsement platform, we are always excited to see those that generate excess returns and feel obligated to highlight them. In 2020, we continued to see the power of smaller research firms in producing a disproportionate number of top-performing analysts.”

The top 100 Wall Street analysts of 2020 are:

1. Jason Helfstein, Oppenheimer

2. Colin Rusch, Oppenheimer

3. Mark Mahaney, RBC Capital

4. Hans Mosesmann, Rosenblatt Securities

5. Brian Nagel, Oppenheimer

6. David Hynes, Canaccord Genuity

7. Michael Latimore, Northland Securities

8. Michael Grondahl, Northland Securities

9. Heiko Ihle, H.C. Wainwright

10. Matthew Hedberg, RBC Capital

11. John Baugh, Stifel Nicolaus

12. Amit Dayal, H.C. Wainwright

13. Mark Palmer, BTIG

14. Scott Berg, Needham

15. Maria Ripps, Canaccord Genuity

16. Brent Thill, Jefferies

17. Keith Hughes, Truist Financial

18. Christopher Rolland, Susquehanna

19. Quinn Bolton, Needham

20. Greg Gibas, Northland Securities

21. Doug Anmuth, J.P. Morgan

22. Shweta Khajuria, RBC Capital

23. Lloyd Walmsley, Deutsche Bank

24. Andrew Uerkwitz, Oppenheimer

25. Michael Swartz, Truist Financial

26. Jonathan Dorsheimer, Canaccord Genuity

27. Rick Schafer, Oppenheimer

28. Kevin DeGeeter, Oppenheimer

29. Philip Shen, Roth Capital

30. Gary Prestopino, Barrington

31. Edward Yruma, KeyBanc

32. Darren Aftahi, Roth Capital

33. Brian Fitzgerald, Wells Fargo

34. Brad Erickson, Needham

35. Geulah Livshits, Chardan Capital

36. Scott Devitt, Stifel Nicolaus

37. Robert Burns, H.C. Wainwright

38. Daniel Ives, Wedbush

39. Justin Post, Merrill Lynch

40. Vernon Bernardino, H.C. Wainwright

41. Ryan MacDonald, Needham

42. Savanthi Syth, Raymond James

43. Mitch Steves, RBC Capital

44. Richard Close, Canaccord Genuity

45. Pavel Molchanov, Raymond James

46. Alex Zukin, RBC Capital

47. Douglas Harter, Credit Suisse

48. Chris Terry, Deutsche Bank

49. Soumit Roy, JonesTrading

50. Mark Zgutowicz, Rosenblatt Securities

51. Susan Anderson, B.Riley Financial

52. Stephen Ju, Credit Suisse

53. Mayank Mamtani, B.Riley Financial

54. Youssef Squali, Truist Financial

55. Christopher Souther, B.Riley Financial

56. Gus Richard, Northland Securities

57. Craig Irwin, Roth Capital

58. Colin Sebastian, Robert W. Baird

59. Mark Breidenbach, Oppenheimer

60. Patrick Walravens, JMP Securities

61. Josh Beck, KeyBanc

62. Allison Poliniak, Wells Fargo

63. Jonathan Ruykhaver, Robert W. Baird

64. Bobby Griffin, Raymond James

65. Ronald Josey, JMP Securities

66. Brent Bracelin, Piper Sandler

67. William Power, Robert W. Baird

68. Jack Vander Aarde, Maxim Group

69. Sam Poser, Susquehanna

70. Naved Khan, Truist Financial

71. Scot Ciccarelli, RBC Capital

72. Scott Searle, Roth Capital

73. Sean Dodge, RBC Capital

74. Edward White, H.C. Wainwright

75. Chris Caso, Raymond James

76. Stephen Volkmann, Jefferies

77. Joseph Osha, JMP Securities

78. Max Masucci, Canaccord Genuity

79. Vivek Arya, Merrill Lynch

80. Julian Mitchell, Barclays

81. Ram Selvaraju, H.C. Wainwright

82. Nick Setyan, Wedbush

83. Stephen Laws, Raymond James

84. Martin Auster, Credit Suisse

85. Jake Bartlett, Truist Financial

86. Laura Martin, Needham

87. Marvin Fong, BTIG

88. Andrew D’silva, B.Riley Financial

89. Boris Peaker, Cowen & Co.

90. Zachary Fadem, Wells Fargo

91. Andrew Nowinski, D.A. Davidson

92. Joseph Pantginis, H.C. Wainwright

93. Mircea Dobre, Robert W. Baird

94. John Ransom, Raymond James

95. Erik Suppiger, JMP Securities

96. George Staphos, Merrill Lynch

97. Joseph Vafi, Canaccord Genuity

98. Zach Cummins, B.Riley Financial

99. Michael Shlisky, Colliers Securities

100. Marc Wiesenberger, B.Riley Financial

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