How to Find Top Stocks with the Best Upside Potential
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How to Find Top Stocks with the Best Upside Potential

It’s official, we’re in a bear market. What’s an investor to do?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to panic-sell at a loss. And although watching your portfolio decline while the cost of living is rising is alarming, a bear market provides opportunities.

If you are comfortable investing in a period that could result in some short-term losses, and if you have cash available that you can put away for the medium or long term, this could be a good time to search for new investment opportunities.

However, this isn’t a good time to follow hype and bad advice, which is why TipRanks can help you focus on the stocks that the experts are backing.

Whether you want to consider which stocks the top-performing analysts see the highest upside for, or the stocks that corporate insiders, individual investors, or even hedge funds are buying, our Stock Screener has you covered.

What’s more, while some screeners can be burdensome, ours is visual and intuitive, making it easy to use. Here’s how you can use it to find top stocks with the best upside potential.

Select Your Search Criteria

As well as expert sentiment, you can use the screener to search for dividend stocks, a popular choice in bear markets, or filter according to company size and sectors.

Filter options include analyst consensus, or only the consensus of the top performers, upside potential based on analyst ratings, insider, hedge fund, and investor sentiment, news sentiment, and media buzz (in other words how frequently this company is being covered in the news), as well as Smart Score. The Smart Score is a data-driven stock score based on 8 key market factors.

Review the Top Stocks

The Screener will display the stocks that match your criteria. In this example, large or medium-cap stocks with a Strong Buy rating consensus according to the top-performing analysts and over 20% upside potential, as well as a maximum Smart Score of 10 out of 10.

You can easily add or remove columns from the results in the ‘Select columns’ tab and reorder the results by clicking on the header name at the top of the column.

Click on any stock’s ticker name to see a more detailed analysis.

See How it Works!

You will find the Stock Screener on the main menu of the app and on your computer desktop under Research Tools.

Now, Give it a Go!

Stock Screener is one of TipRanks’ most popular tools. It makes it easy to find which stocks the experts are recommending. Try it now and let us know what you think!

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