IG Group Partners with TipRanks to Enhance their Investor Research Experience
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IG Group Partners with TipRanks to Enhance their Investor Research Experience

IG Group, a global leader in online trading and investments, has partnered with TipRanks to enrich investment research for its clients. This new collaboration gives IG Group’s clients unprecedented access to cutting-edge investment research tools and datasets. With this partnership, TipRanks continues in its mission of leveling the playing field by providing exclusive data on stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds to everyday investors.

Among the research tools IG Group will be making available are Analysts’ Consensus Ratings and 12-Month Price Forecasts. TipRanks aggregates all recent analyst ratings on a stock, then provides a consensus price target and the accompanying upside or downside it suggests. Plus, IG Group is providing its clients with TipRanks’ Analysts’ Top Stocks data, featuring stock recommendations by the analysts with the best performance records.    

Additionally, IG Group’s clients will find TipRanks’ proprietary Smart Score, comprised of 8 unique datasets which together indicate whether an equity is likely to outperform the market.

Uri Gruenbaum, CEO of TipRanks, said, “I am delighted to partner with IG Group, a trusted multi-asset broker and an established member of the FTSE 250. TipRanks’ data dovetails perfectly with IG Group’s goal of giving traders and investors cutting-edge technology, opening up a wider range of trading and investment opportunities to ambitious people around the world. The investment research tools from TipRanks reveal data that was previously reserved for only the top hedge fund managers.”

Matt Macklin, Regional CEO (UK, APAC+ and Emerging Markets) at IG Group, commented, “We are pleased to be further enhancing the trading and investment experience for our clients with the addition of TipRanks’ new comprehensive research tools, which we believe will help them make better, data-driven trading and investment decisions.”


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