Capitalize the Power of Financial Bloggers with TipRanks Blogger Sentiment tab

While financial bloggers may not carry the same prestige as Wall Street analysts, they are a powerful source of information with their provision of independent stock research. However, how can you know which bloggers you can trust?

According to a recent academic report, 90% of financial blogger recommendations produce losses over 6 and 12 months. The study determined that TipRanks is the only company that enables investors to identify which bloggers consistently perform well. TipRanks currently tracks over 7,500 financial bloggers.

With the TipRanks Blogger tab, you can easily tap into opinion and sentiment for any stock you are researching. Here’s how it works.

Blogger Sentiment

We’ll explore blogger sentiment for Amazon. You immediately see that sentiment is bearish. The graph also shows you how Amazon compares to other stocks in the same sector. It tells you that this is based on the opinion of 113 bloggers.

Article Distribution

Next, see which financial blogs are reporting on Amazon, and how the articles are distributed.

Top Blogger Predictions – the Bullish vs. the Bearish

Compare how the best performing financial bloggers are reporting about Amazon. We make it easy for you by separating the Bullish from the Bearish predictions. Want to read more? Click on the blog name to read the full article.

See Individual Bloggers’ Sentiment

What are individual bloggers saying? The table provides a list of which bloggers are expressing an opinion about a stock. You can see which blog they write for, stock sentiment, when their blog was published, and a link to it. Crucially, you can see the star-ranking of the blogger based on their historical performance, and follow bloggers of your choice.

Filter data to focus on the best performing bloggers, or on bullish, bearish, or neutral sentiment. Sort the order the data appears by clicking on any header. You can also extend the table to see more opinions.

See Stocks with the Best Top Blogger Sentiment

Finally, you can see which stocks top bloggers are recommending, in the sector you are currently researching.

Now, Give it a Try!

The bloggers’ tab is an easy way to see what some of the most profitable researchers are saying about any stock. Try it for yourself.

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