KO, KDP, CELH See a Jump in Soda Sales
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KO, KDP, CELH See a Jump in Soda Sales

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Nielsen’s latest data shows a considerable boom in Soda drink sales over the last 12 weeks, led by sector giants like Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper.

The latest round of data from Nielsen shows a considerable boom in Soda drink sales over the last 12 weeks. In particular, the data shows that soda drink sales rose 4.2% in that period, led by giants within the segment. However, volume decreased by 3% during that time while price/mix increased by 7.2%.

According to the report, Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) witnessed a 4.4% increase in sales, with volume declining by 0.2% and price/mix increasing by 4.6%. This was mainly driven by Fanta, which posted double-digit growth over that period. 

Furthermore, Keurig Dr Pepper (NASDAQ:KDP) saw a 4.7% increase in sales, pushed by a robust performance from the main Dr Pepper brand. However, PepsiCo(NASDAQ:PEP) saw disappointing results, with growth of just 0.5%. 

Coca-Cola continues to lead the market with a 42.4% share, higher than PepsiCo’s 27.2% and Keurig Dr Pepper’s 23.9%. The market share of all other brands was 6.5%, a little increase over the previous year.

Meanwhile, the energy drink segment saw strong sales growth over the 12 weeks, rising 8.2%, while volume and price/mix increased by 6.8% and 1.4%, respectively. 

Monster Beverage (NASDAQ:MNST) continues to dominate the segment with a market share of 37.5%, followed by Red Bull’s 33.8%. On the other hand, Celsius Holdings (NASDAQ:CELH) recorded an impressive growth of 149% year-over-year, which pushed its market share up to 9.3%. 

Which Beverage Stock is Best?

Turning to Wall Street, CELH stock remains the leader in upside potential here. This Strong Buy-rated stock offers 39.5% against its average price target of $72.93. Meanwhile, with an average price target of $63.76, KO stock is the laggard, as this Moderate Buy-rated stock offers investors 8.68% upside potential. 



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