JAKKS Soars on Impressive Q3 Showing
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JAKKS Soars on Impressive Q3 Showing

Shares of toys, consumer, and costume products provider JAKKS Pacific (NASDAQ:JAKK) are soaring today on the back of the company’s robust third-quarter numbers.

The top line jumped 36.3% year-over-year to $323 million, surpassing estimates by ~$62 million. The company’s EPS at $3.80 handily outperformed expectations by $0.85.

While Toys/Consumer product revenue increased by 56%, revenue from Costumes increased by 36% as compared to the year-ago period.

Impressively, the company shipped more of its products earlier in the year which helped it skip excessive supply chain costs while also mitigating risks of products being out of stock.

Further, JAKKS remains on track to achieve full-year top-line growth of 20% for 2022. Shares of the company are now up a whopping 80% year-to-date.

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