S&W Seed Company Announces New CFO Vanessa Baughman
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S&W Seed Company Announces New CFO Vanessa Baughman

S&W Seed Company (SANW) has released an update.

Vanessa Baughman has been appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer of the Company, with an effective start date of February 12, 2024. With a wealth of experience as the Company’s Interim CFO and corporate Secretary, Baughman’s financial acumen will now be rewarded with a robust compensation package, including a $330,000 base salary, potential cash and stock bonuses, and other executive benefits. Her agreement also outlines significant severance packages under certain conditions, ensuring both stability and incentive for strong performance in her new role. With no disclosed conflicts of interest, Baughman’s appointment signals a confident step forward for the Company’s financial leadership.

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