NuStar Energy and Sunoco Merger: Strategic Financial Reconfiguration
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NuStar Energy and Sunoco Merger: Strategic Financial Reconfiguration

Nustar Energy LP (NS) has shared an announcement.

On May 3, 2024, as part of a major merger, Sunoco and NuStar executed several financial agreements to facilitate the consolidation and ensure continued operational efficiency. Sunoco amended its revolving credit facility to $1.50 billion, with provisions for interest rates and leverage ratios that vary based on Sunoco’s credit rating. Concurrently, NuStar also amended its credit terms to align with the merger’s objectives, including tax efficiencies. Additionally, they adjusted their receivables financing and amended a Purchase and Sale Agreement to temporarily halt receivables transactions. This strategic corporate action is pivotal for stockholders, as it reflects a significant reconfiguration of the companies’ financial structures and promises a new direction for the merged entity.

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