Ceva Inc Expands Board and Launches Executive Incentive Plan
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Ceva Inc Expands Board and Launches Executive Incentive Plan

Ceva Inc (CEVA) has released an update.

Ceva, Inc. has expanded its Board of Directors, appointing CEO Amir Panush as a new member, while implementing a 2024 Executive Bonus Plan to incentivize top executives including the CEO, CFO, and COO to achieve key financial and strategic goals aimed at increasing long-term stockholder value. The bonus plan sets specific targets for revenue, earnings per share, and customer agreements, with a structured payout system that rewards executives for surpassing these targets. Additionally, the company has granted significant restricted stock units and performance-based stock units to its executives, aligning their interests with those of the shareholders and has increased the salary of its Chief Commercial Officer, reflecting his promotion and the strategic role he plays in the company’s growth.

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