Becton Dickinson Issues Euro and USD Debt Notes
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Becton Dickinson Issues Euro and USD Debt Notes

Becton Dickinson And Company (BDX) has released an update to notify the public and investors about its financial commitment initiation.

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has successfully issued €750 million in Euro-denominated notes at 3.519%, maturing in 2031, and $1.175 billion in USD-denominated notes with varying interest rates, maturing in 2029 and 2034. These debt offerings, under certain conditions, allow BD to redeem the notes before maturity and obligate repurchase offers in the event of specific trigger events. Proceeds from these offerings are primarily intended to repay existing debts with any temporary surplus potentially allocated for general corporate needs. The terms include standard clauses for defaults and company restructuring, ensuring investor protection.

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For a comprehensive understanding of the announcement, you can read the full document here.


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