Bitcoin’s Halving: What Is It?
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Bitcoin’s Halving: What Is It?

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Learn why Bitcoin’s halving events are important.

Bitcoin’s (BTC-USD) halving events are arguably the most anticipated in the entire cryptocurrency space. But why? We already know there are only 21 million Bitcoins that will ever exist, so why does the halving matter? Let’s identify some of the primary reasons why.

The Scarcity Effect—Bitcoin’s halving reduces the coin’s supply, echoing gold’s finite nature and boosting its value. This time around, the rewards went from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

Market Anticipation – Historically, halvings have sparked significant market interest, acting almost as a starting gun for price rallies. This anticipation builds up, driven by the historical precedent of price increases following halvings.

Psychological Trigger – The halving is not just an event; it’s a narrative that fuels market psychology. The combination of reduced supply and increased speculative interest can create a self-fulfilling prophecy, driving up prices simply because enough people believe it will happen.

Historical Bitcoin Price Behavior Pre and Post-Halving

2012 – The First Halving

  • 3 months before: -61.09%.
  • 30 days after: -1.81%.
  • 90 daysafter: +85.51%.
  • 6 months after: +66.39%.
  • One-year after: +259.97%.

2016 – The Second Halving

  • 3 months before: +166.47%
  • 30 days after: -11.02%.
  • 90 days after: -5.00%.
  • 6 months after: +38.17%.
  • One-year after: +283.49%

2020 – The Third Halving

  • 3 months before: -16.54%
  • 30 days after: +8.10%.
  • 90 days after: +29.09%.
  • 6 months after: +83.26%.
  • One-year after: +562.18%.

Reading Between the Lines

  • Short-term forecast: The first 30 to 90 days post-halving? Expect nothing spectacular. The performance ranges from “Why did I even bother?” to “Meh, could be worse.”
  • The long game: However, give it 6 to 12 months, and your patience might just be rewarded with some handsome returns. The numbers speak volumes, and they’re all shouting, “HODL!”

The Big But…

Before you start planning your early retirement or thinking about naming your yacht, let’s not get carried away. We’ve had three halvings. Three. That’s it. Calling this a foolproof trend is like claiming you’ve mastered cooking because you didn’t burn toast this morning. It’s a bit early to throw all caution to the wind based on just three events. Bitcoin does what Bitcoin does.

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