AI News: Here’s the Latest on Artificial Intelligence
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AI News: Here’s the Latest on Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence-based advancements are growing with a disproportionate frenzy. Here’s a list of the latest happenings in the AI space.

The buzz surrounding ChatGPT and the tremendous potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) keeps gaining traction. Bill Gates, a philanthropist at heart and one of the wealthiest Americans, is in awe of the revolutionary technology. In a recent blog post, Gates shared his views on AI, stating, “Entire industries will reorient around it. Businesses will distinguish themselves by how well they use it.”

Gates, who also co-founded the technology giant Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), believes that the development of AI is just as important as the development of computers, the internet, and cell phones. His thesis for the heightened importance of AI stems from the fact that AI can aid in every aspect of business and industry. Having said that, Gates also acknowledges the current limitations of AI related to its reliability and the fear of its misuse, but also believes that these shortcomings will be resolved in the near future.

Here’s an explanation of two of the hottest topics swirling around AI now: AI copyright issues, and AI competition.

AI Copyright Issues

According to a Wall Street Journal report, publishers and the entire writing community claim that AI is stealing their proprietary content in order to monetize it. Publishers are demanding that they be fairly “compensated” for the content they produce, and they are also looking for legal means of enforcing their demands.

At their end, publishers are also claiming that AI-designed search tools give out so much information that it reduces the number of views, clicks, and advertising dollars for their content.  

An AI-based chatbot is a deep machine learning technology that harnesses large data sets from the web for its training. There is a clause called “fair use” that allows companies to use copyright materials without the consent of the creator. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman claims they have created ChatGPT with “fair use” by training on two-year-old data. Additionally, AI companies also make deals with publishers and pay heavily for selective content.

AI Competition

Talking about the companies that are involved in the launch of AI-based chatbots, the list includes the first mover, OpenAI’s ChatGPT software. In the public domain, we have Microsoft’s Bing, Alphabet’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Bard AI, and Chinese tech giant Baidu’s (NASDAQ:BIDU) Ernie Bot.

Microsoft Bing has integrated the already successful OpenAI technology into its search engine. At the same time, Google’s Bard is showing promising signs by drawing on years of research on AI coupled with its powerful search engine and Google’s large language database. Meanwhile, Chinese rival Ernie Bot has failed to make a massive impact since its launch.

It’s important to note that all the above players caution that their bots are not fully reliable. Each company is trying to update its current bots to improve the responses and reliability of data while enriching the user experience and developing better end-use cases.



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