Aethlon Blasts Up on New Clinical Cancer Studies
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Aethlon Blasts Up on New Clinical Cancer Studies

Fighting cancer is big business. For healthcare stock Aethlon Medical (NASDAQ:AEMD), it’s serving as an excellent example of just how big, as its stock is up substantially in Monday afternoon trading. It’s all thanks to a new development that should advance its studies—and ability to fight cancer—nicely.

The move features a new connection with NAMSA, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that focuses on medical technology. NAMSA will now offer a full slate of development services for Aethlon Medical to take advantage of. Specifically, NAMSA’s services will come into play for those investigating the Hemopurifier for use in oncology functions. The Hemopurifier was designed to take on advanced or metastatic cancer.

Trials of the Hemopurifier will start in Australia. With NAMSA taking over the testing functions, things should go more smoothly and effectively. Ultimately, the move should help get the Humipurifier in more places if the tests ultimately prove successful. Reports note that the Humipurifier has already delivered solid results in virus and exosome removal. It’s already got an open IDE application and an FDA Breakthrough Device designation already in hand. Thus, Aethlon may be at the start of something big.

The last five days of trading for Aethlon demonstrate what happens when big news hits. The stock did spike substantially in today’s trading. However, it also gave back a significant portion of those gains, coming back down to close to where it was before today’s run-up even began.



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