Screener Methodology

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This section explains how to use the following filters: Asset Type, Category, and Investment Style.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are diversified investment portfolios which trade as a single investment vehicle. Investors looking to diversify their portfolios can easily do so by simply buying a single or multiple ETFs.

ETFs became very popular in the recent decade and numerous investment styles came to be to meet different investment demands. As a result, TipRanks’ simple ETF Screener provides a straightforward methodology for finding ETFs in the market.

First Step: Choose from four different Asset Types; Equity, Debt, Commodity and Alternative.

Equity – Commonly known as stocks; publicly traded companies

Debt – Otherwise known as fixed Income; Bonds issues by the private or public sector

Commodity – Basic goods that are traded on the market, or companies with unique exposure to commodity prices.

Alternative – Less common asset types such as real estate, or different investing strategies such as maintaining low exposure to market volatility.

Second Step: After selecting the type of asset you are interested in, choosing a Category will significantly narrow the results to a more manageable scope.

Third Step: This step is optional, however, choosing an Investment Style allows you to narrow the results even more, and find even more specific investment styles. You may select multiple Investment Styles as well.