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The 24/7 news and social media cycle is buffeting stock markets, affecting share prices with minute-by-minute regularity. Inundated, investors need a better way to sort through the news and buzz flowing across the internet. The TipRanks R&D team has developed a solution to help users see what is relevant in the information flow for the stocks in their portfolio. By optimizing our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm, TipRanks now provides a dashboard for viewing news sentiment and media buzz on every stock.

The dashboard provides three levels of analysis and insight. News Sentiment is objectively analyzed and shown as a barometer of bullish and bearish news in the past week. Media Buzz, a measure of the volume of news articles and the most important mentions, tracks how metrics on media density and news sentiment, together, compare to share price fluctuations. Then, links to specific articles allow users to drill down to read specific articles that have been identified as having a positive, negative or no effect whatsoever.

Our financial engine sifts through thousands of news websites and pages to find, analyze and link relevant news stories. Algorithms detect words that relate to the particular stock, then grade the sentiment of these words and calculate the relevance and importance, resulting in a Bullish or Bearish categorization.

Combined, users get a heat map of how news and media buzz are moving a stock.