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TipRanks’ powerful tools, enable individual investors to track, change, and gain insights on their investments in real-time. TipRanks’ Smart Portfolio tool was launched in 2016 and already boasts over 100,000 investors managing their portfolios and testing their ideas on the platform.  Many investors choose to link their existing trading accounts directly from their brokers, syncing us to their current portfolio, and notifying us in real-time of any transaction they make. Using our proven scoring algorithms individual investors are ranked according to their stock picking and portfolio management ability.


Individual Investor Sentiment Set Up

The Individual Investor Sentiment signal represents the average change in the individual investors’ holdings based on the last 7 and 30 days period.



Investor Sentiment is a powerful factor within any trading strategy. The Individual Investor Sentiment can be used to identify buying or selling action early, offering a powerful alternative to similar sentiments such as social media, which are already overcrowded and offer little value.