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  • Sell-Side Analysts

    Mark Mahaney

    Mark Mahaney

    RBC Capital

    • sectorTechnology
    Analyst Performance

    Ranked #8 out of 3870 Analysts

    Success Rate201 out of 336 successful ratings
    Average ReturnAverage return per recommendation
    Rating distribution:

    • Buy:63%|
    • Hold:36%|
    • Sell:1%
    Followed by 3441 Investors
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    Financial Bloggers

    David Alton Clark

    David Alton Clark

    Seeking Alpha

      Blogger Performance

      Ranked #1 out of 4685 Bloggers

      Success Rate371 out of 502 successful ratings
      Average ReturnAverage return per recommendation
      Opinion distribution:

      • Buy:89%|
      • Sell:11%
      Followed by 2300 Investors
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    • Corporate Insiders

      Elon Musk

      Elon Musk

      Tesla Motors

      CEO, Director, Ten Percent Owner
      Corporate Insider
        Insider Performance

        Ranked #38 out of 33790 Corporate Insiders

        Profitable Transaction Rate9 out of 14 profitable transactions
        Average ReturnAverage return per transaction
        Transaction type distribution:

        • Stocks bought:89%|
        • Stocks sold:11%
        Followed by 410 Investors
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        Hedge Fund Managers

        Carl Icahn

        Carl Icahn

        Carl Icahn C

        Hedge Fund Manager
          Hedge Fund Performance

          Ranked #61 out of 240 Hedge Fund Managers

          Portfolio ValueTotal assets under management
          Average Return3 Years (annualized)
          Followed by 417 Investors
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        How We Rank Financial Experts

        By tracking and measuring the performance of over 50,000 financial experts, TipRanks is able to identify the top 25 experts within each sector who consistently outperform the markets. Now that we’ve done the work for you and crunched all the data, all you need to do is browse the top experts and follow your favorites to be instantly notified whenever they recommend to buy or sell your stocks.

        TipRanks Star RankingTM

        TipRanks Star Ranking is calculated based on the combinations of the following factors:

        • Expert Success Rate

          The percentage of an analyst’s ratings resulting in a positive return

        • Expert Average Return

          The average return per expert recommendation

        • Statistical Significance

          The more data we collect on an expert, the more statistically significant his measurement is.