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What Is Smart Investor?

The Best of TipRanks Technology and Data Simplified

Weekly Newsletter

A weekly email with portfolio updates using Big Data and market insights

Portfolio Management

Smart Investor actively manages a long-term investment portfolio of 20-25 stocks.

Stock Research

See the reasons behind every buy or sell decision, using TipRanks data.

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Manage Your Portfolio With Confidence

Harness the power of big data to drive your investment decisions. Smart Investor does the hard work for you.

Manage Your Portfolio With Confidence

Harness the power of big data to drive your investment decisions. Smart Investor does the hard work for you.

TipRanks levels the playing field for individual investors. It employs powerful algorithms to track over 100,000 financial experts and tens of thousands of market news stories every day. Using big data, TipRanks creates easy to use research tools and unique financial datasets.
While some investors enjoy spending their time researching stocks and making data-driven decisions, others prefer a helping hand from a trusted expert.

That’s where Smart Investor comes in. It harnesses the power of the exclusive research found only on TipRanks and identifies stocks with long-term potential. It actively manages an investment portfolio based on TipRanks data, company updates, and a timely market outlook.

TipRanks extracts its datasets from Wall Street analysts | Corporate insiders | News Sentiment | Financial Bloggers | Individual Investor Sentiment | Hedge Fund Managers.

The next market outlook and stock recommendation comes out this Wednesday before the market opens. Subscribe now and ensure it lands in your inbox.

Why Smart Investor?

Strong Track Record

Stocks in the portfolio are selected for their long-term potential and regularly join the 30% 'Winners Club'.

Save Time

Spend your time doing the things you love. We closely follow company updates and market movements, so you don't have to.

Invest With Confidence

Benefit from years of experience of a trusted expert. Use it alone, or alongside your TipRanks membership.

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What is the Mission of the Smart Investor Service?

We built the Smart Investor for people who appreciate the valuable research found only on TipRanks and want to focus on the stocks with the most upside potential. We accomplish this through our portfolio of hand-selected stocks to outperform for the long haul. Combine this with strategic market outlook, investment education and timely buy/sell signals and you have a complete service that helps you enjoy great investment success.

How Are Stocks Selected to the Portfolio?

Our goal is to have a diversified collection of 20-25 stocks that have great long term potential. By long term we mean that stocks are normally being selected for their attractiveness over the next 12+ months. What the stocks have in common is that they are all leveraging the exclusive data found on TipRanks.com which has been proven to give investors an edge over the market.

What is the Key to Success with the Smart Investor?

Realistic expectations. Investors too often are looking for overnight riches from investment newsletters. That is a recipe for disaster because those expectations will never be met (no matter how often unscrupulous investment marketers pretend it is possible). Instead the path to financial success is best understood through the classic fable of the tortoise and the hare. As we all know the tortoise has the best strategy where “slow and steady wins the race”. What that means for the Smart Investor is that we are using data and stock selection methods that give an edge to the investor. That edge will not be apparent in every single stock. Or every single month. Perfection is not attainable when it comes to investing. However, slowly and steadily these proven methods show their benefit over time. That includes seeing more winners than losers. And we will let winners run and cut losers short. Those with the right expectations and appropriate patience will enjoy the rewards of this process.

When Does Weekly Commentary Come Out?

You will receive an email from us with the weekly commentary every Wednesday morning before the market opens (around 8am ET). When appropriate we may also send out emails at other times to help members stay on top of market action and the additions/deletions in the portfolio.

How Do You Calculate Price Added and Deleted?

Typically the trade recommendations will be shared in our weekly commentary which comes out Wednesday before market hours. In those cases the price added or deleted will be the average of the opening and closing price for that day. (Example: Stock opens at $50 and closes at $51. The price added/deleted will be the average of these two points which is $50.50). On occasion there will be intraday alerts to add or delete positions. In those circumstances the price added or deleted will be the average of the price at the time of the email alert and closing price that day.