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Yglesias Opens Fire on Musk’s China Bond on Twitter

Matthew Yglesias, the writer and editor of the newsletter, Slow Boring, and an enthusiast of American politics and public policy, has opened fire on billionaire Elon Musk’s growing support and dependence on China.

Yglesias tagged an April 27 editorial from the Slow Boring on Twitter (TWTR) and voiced his growing concern about Musk’s significant stake in the microblogging site. Citing Tesla’s (TSLA) overdependence on Chinese sales and manufacturing biases, Yglesias is concerned that the billionaire might impose similar censorship decisions on Twitter.

What’s more, he even went on to claim that technology bigwigs Apple (AAPL) and Hollywood have similar biased decisions backed by eastern influence.

For instance, Yglesias quoted that Musk has openly criticized the COVID-19 (non-pharmaceutical interventions) NPIs like social distancing and travel restrictions in the U.S. but is “silent about much more draconian measures implemented in China.”

Yglesias worries that, akin to China’s dictates on free speech, Musk’s financial interests in China may compel him to influence Twitter to some extent instead of the liberal, unbiased platform which it was destined to become.

While Musk’s ownership of Twitter is a distant dream amid the ongoing nasty court battle, critics are overwhelmingly against the billionaire taking hold of free speech.

Twitterati replied with much enthusiasm, linking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan, despite several warnings from the mainland, which wants to take Taiwan under its wing. The U.S. and Taiwan have for a long time maintained friendly trade relations, and the U.S. imports a chunk of electrical goods, iron, metal products, machinery, etc. from Taiwan. Pelosi’s visit to Taipei has angered the Chinese continent so much that the populace despises the happening of war, even a cold one.

Yglesias is right to admit that amid the current geopolitical tensions, companies and CEOs need to be careful about how their business and strategic decisions could end up putting America’s progress in jeopardy.


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