YouTube Q&A: Answers to Your Questions Part 1, Using TipRanks

Julie answers your questions about TipRanks, in this first of our 3 part series. She answers questions such as what makes TipRanks trustworthy and is it possible to backtest analysts. Scroll down for written answers!

Question 1: What Makes TipRanks Trustworthy?

While TipRanks does not tell you where to invest, it provides you with research tools that enable you to invest with greater confidence and evaluate expert recommendations. Our platform helps you make better, data-driven investment decisions. Try our Daily Stock Ratings to see which stocks analysts are rating today, along with their TipRanks ranking!

Question 2: Is there a way to back test analyst results?

Yes! You can go to each individual analyst’s profile and see their stock coverage. If you click on a specific stock, you can see the history of all their ratings on this stock, success rates, and average profit. Take a look at Quinn Bolton, current #1 ranked analyst on TipRanks.

Question 3: Do you plan to include European stocks on your platform?

Yes! Right now US, Canadian and UK markets are available. Germany is scheduled for Q2, Russia is next on the agenda, with more markets to be added. Globalization is one of our (many!) priorities. Search for UK stocks on our Stock Screener, you can switch markets on the top right-hand side.

Question 4: What is the difference between Ultimate and Premium?

Premium is our most popular plan. It unlocks which stocks analysts and other experts are rating in your stock research, gives you full access to our most popular screeners, enables you to follow up to 5 experts, save your portfolio and lots more. Ultimate gives you unlimited access to all TipRanks tools, including the alpha beating Insiders’ Hot Stocks. You can also manage multiple portfolios and follow an unlimited number of experts. See our Plans & Pricing.

Question 5: Is there a free trial?

There is a 30 day trial period should you need to make any changes to your membership.

Question 6: How can I get notified of new videos?

You can subscribe on YouTube and turn on notifications! You can also follow TipRanks on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook to stay up to date with videos and market news.