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You Asked, We Answered – Part 3, Stock Analysis, Markets, & General Questions

In this final installment of our Q&A from our end-of-July webinar, we answer your questions about stock research, which markets we’re going to add next, and general topics.

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Q: How often do you update Risk Factors on the site?

A: Companies submit their risk factors to the SEC every quarter. Once we scan a new report, the data appears on our site quickly.

Q: Is it a good idea to short stocks during market downturns?

A: Please bear in mind that we provide data and don’t give investment advice. With TipRanks you can easily find out if an analyst has recommended selling a stock that you own. You can then research further, for example by seeing the analysts’ track record on this specific stock. Or what other analysts are saying.

Q: How often is TipRanks’ data updated?

A: Our data is continually being updated. As soon as an analyst rating is published online, our technology scans it and adds it to our system. For example, you can see this on the Daily Stock Ratings feed, where we publish the day’s stock ratings of over 7,600 Wall Street analysts as we get them.

Q: Is there a way to quantify a stock’s rolling average per day, week, month, and year?

A: Currently, you can see stock price daily and 52-week range. When are researching a stock, click on the “Charts” tab to find this data. Scroll down to access more advanced charting. We will be adding more types of charts to the site in the coming months.

Q: Is there a way to identify stocks from a particular sector or industry?

A: Yes. You can search for stocks according to sector on our Stock Screener. In fact, most of our research tools enable you to filter by sector. In addition, our new menu gives you lots of different stock comparison options which can help you identify stocks in different industries (see screenshot below).

You can also try searching TipRanks News to discover articles about companies in a specific field.

Q: Can you provide an ESG scoring?

A: We are thinking of the best way to integrate ESG score into TipRanks and even adding it to our Smart Score. You can expect to see this mid-next year. 


Q: When will you add Indian and Chinese stocks to TipRanks?

A: After we’ve added European markets. The Asian market is a huge one and we have a lot of customers in China so we are keen to expand. We don’t yet have a date; however, it is likely to be in 2022.

Q: Why are UK stocks quoted in


A: Stocks are quoted in their local currencies. In the case of UK stocks, they are quoted in pennies. It may be that a stock is traded on two markets, the UK and the U.S. and you saw a British stock listed in the U.S.

Q: What about adding ETFs?

A: We plan to develop a new comprehensive tool for ETF and mutual funds research.

Q: Will you add more industry classifications e.g. real estate, REITs?

A: Thank you for this suggestion. We don’t have a timeline, however appreciate the request and will include it in our timeline.

Q: Will you provide research tools for options traders?

A: We are considering adding options. If you are experienced in options trading and have ideas about how we can quickly achieve this, please feel welcome to reach out to our product team on our Facebook group.


Q: Have you thought about creating a monthly or quarterly plan?

A: You can contact our support team if you want to purchase a monthly plan and they will tell you your options.

Q: If I pay for the premium package, will I be able to see the call and put contract options in real-time?

A: Most of our paying users have a Premium account or start with Premium before upgrading to Ultimate. Premium unlocks many tools that help you in your stock research and to search for new investment ideas, including the most up-to-date analyst ratings and the ability to follow analysts.

With regards to call and put contracts, we currently do not support these but are planning to add them in 2022.


Q: Is there a way to see where the big institutional money flows?

A: If you research a stock, one of the tabs shows you the hedge fund activity as reported to the SEC.

You can also use our Stock Screener to search for stocks according to hedge fund signal.

Q: Have you considered integrating into platforms like Discord with over 500,000 people who talk stocks?

A: A lot of people, including social media influencers, are requesting we go onto Discord, we are looking into incorporating data from Discord onto TipRanks.

Before we go, thank you if you reported a bug to us. We only got a small number and have fixed most, others will soon be fixed. Please feel welcome to join our Facebook group for product updates and direct contact with the product team.

Watch the Q&A Session

Here’s the recording of the part of the webinar where Uri answered questions.