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You Asked, We Answered – Part 2, Smart Score & Smart Portfolio

At our recent webinar with CEO Uri Gruenbaum, we received lots of questions that we are answering in a series of blogs. In today’s, we answer your questions about the Smart Score and Smart Portfolio. Scroll down to watch the Q&A video from the webinar.

We answer your questions about how we rank Wall Street analysts in part 1.


Q: Have you tested the predictive usefulness of Smart Score against actual stock performance?

A: Yes we have! Smart Score is our unique, data-driven stock score. It incorporates all our datasets and fundamental and technical factors in a very simple way, giving them all equal weighting.

You can use the Top Smart Score Stocks research tool to search for stocks with a Smart Score of 10. It shows exactly how top-scored stocks’ performance compares to the S&P 500 since 2011.

The Smart Score is also useful for investors when faced with contradictory signals. For example, how can you assess a stock when analysts are saying Buy, yet Hedge Funds are selling. When you research a stock on TipRanks, you can see its Smart Score as well as an overview of the underlying factors.

Q: How often is the Smart Score updated?

A: The Smart Score is updated every day using data from the end of the previous day.

Q: Why is the Smart Score not included in the stock comparison chart?

A: We’re glad you asked this, as you may not be the only person who didn’t see that it is there. Our product team is working to resolve this.

To add the Smart Score to the comparison tool, go to ‘Select Columns’ above the table and scroll down. Click on Smart Score and it will appear.

Q: Is it possible to get the history of the Smart Score of a stock and the dates that it changes?

A: Yes! This is something we plan to make available soon.


Q: Can you add Smart Score to the Smart Portfolio?

A: Yes! This feature is currently available on the app although not on the TipRanks website. It is one of the improvements we are working on for Smart Portfolio 2.0.

Q: What is the timing for Smart Portfolio 2.0?

A: This is a huge project which we’re really excited about. It is scheduled to be released at the end of Q1, 2022.

Q: Is there a way to export multiple symbols at a time using excel(.csv) or type in multiple symbols on the text box with comma/space? I tried and it didn’t work.

A: You can download your holdings in the ‘My Holdings‘ section of the website at the bottom of the table.

If for any reason you are unable to download, please contact our support team for assistance at

Q: I’d like to see each day my stocks ordered by percentile loss or gain, or dollar loss or gain. As it stands I can only see them ranked by total gain.

A. At the moment you can see the biggest daily gainers and losers in the overview. Smart Portfolio 2.0 will enable you to sort according to 1-day gains and losses.

Q: How can we best use TipRanks to exit positions?  There’s a lot of ideas to enter trades, but what is a good methodology to exit trades?

A: If you are following an analyst and they say Buy, and you buy, you are likely hold that position until the analyst downgrades their rating to a Sell. However, analysts rarely give Sell ratings, you can read more about this in the previous Q&A.

If you follow individual investors, then you are more likely to see positions being closed and you can then choose whether or not to sell at the same time.

Q: Do you plan to add short positions to Smart Portfolio?

A: We are currently working on Smart Portfolio 2.0 which will be released early 2022. It will not include short positions. Saying that, will continue to work on and improve our Snart Portfolio, and short postions may become available in future versions.

Q: I’m not interested in competing for star investor status, so I was frustrated that the platform would not let me enter historical data of when I purchased various stocks and at what price. Can you let people enter their historic information, but tweak the system to only “count” contemporaneous investments such that an investor can’t “game the system” to become a star?

A: Yes! We are aware of this issue and it is one of the major changes in Smart Portfolio 2.0. It will enable you to enter historical data and make changes to stock price and purchase date history without influencing our ranking system. 

Watch the Q&A Session

Here’s the recording of the part of the webinar where Uri answered questions.