TipRanks Closes $77M Series B Round Following Huge Demand For Its Innovative Research 2.0

This investment round comes after an extraordinary year that saw subscription sales to our B2C platform www.TipRanks.com grow by 300% and our B2B clients reporting massive increases in their stock trading volumes. 

Data analytics showed that 30pct of our enterprise clients’ users who visited 1 or more of our unique tools went on to make a transaction!

TipRanks takes stock research and user engagement to the next level by producing tools that are highly visual, simple and intuitive to use.  Most of all, we embolden the average Joe or Jane to make smarter data driven investments!

Multiple focus groups have indicated that the top factors influencing traders decisions are what Analysts are recommending, but this is even more potent with top performing analysts, what other Investors are buying/selling, what Bloggers are writing about, and what’s hot or not in the News.

The world of retail stock trading has exploded over the past year. As more people invest, the need for transparency has never been more important. TipRanks brings accountability to the opaque world of stock ‘tips’.

TipRanks’ Co-Founder & CEO Uri Gruenbaum said “This is the most important time in capital markets history to provide individual investors with transparency. We have seen how responsive investors are to social media trends. All you need today to become a “financial expert” or influencer is an email address. Our solution helps millions of investors evaluate ideas and make data-driven decisions. We plan to use the new funding to create more exclusive datasets that will give retail investors a real edge. While helping our enterprise clients keep their valued users engaged, actively trading and retained!”

To find out how we can tailor make a solution for your brokerage platform or app please reach out to Sales@TipRanks.com