TipRanks 2020 Year in Review

With 2020 almost behind us we wanted to look back at the year that took us all by surprise. It was a strange and volatile year, not just for markets, but for humanity as a whole.

Covid-19 – The Story of the Year

The global pandemic dominated everyone’s year. While the tragedy affected many, investors found opportunity in the volatile markets.

In 2020 more people than ever started to invest. In May, data analytics company, Envestnet Yodlee, reported that one of the most common uses for the government stimulus check was stock trading.  

At TipRanks we experienced a surge in users, as new and experienced investors alike searched for reliable stock research and new investment opportunities.

In fact, in 2020 the number of TipRanks users trebled, while newsletter subscribers grew by 140%.

Most Searched for Stocks in 2020

Which stocks were investors coming to TipRanks to research? The five most popular stock searches of the year were Nio, Tesla, Moderna, Pfizer, and Amazon.

Traffic to TipRanks was high throughout the year and has continued to grow. Interestingly we saw significant peaks on days in May, September, and December.

In May, Gilead, which was developing a treatment for the virus drew a massive number of users to the site.

September told a very different story. Investors came to TipRanks to find out more about PlugPower, Nio, and Tesla – 3 electric car industry stocks.

In December, with vaccines being administered, investors were once again researching coronavirus-related stocks. This time Pfizer and Moderna are drawing in people, with Nio also attracting significant numbers.

Most Bought Stocks of 2020

Which stocks were individual investors buying?

Over 230,000 investors assess and optimize their holdings using TipRanks Smart Portfolio. As we rate individual investors’ performance, just as we do for the pros, we’re able to differentiate between the average investor and the top performers.

The most bought stock by TipRanks users across the board in 2020 was Apple, followed by Microsoft. However, top investors also favored Tesla, Facebook, Nio, Amazon, and Plug Power.

Our Top 3 Stories of the Year

There was a lot of news in 2020. However not all financial news is created equally, and to meet demand, we expanded our stock news and analysis with a brand-new portal.

Our news team covers market stories as they happen. They leverage TipRanks data such as analyst ratings and price targets to help investors understand what those most in the know are saying about any given stock.

The Ideas & Insights section takes a deep dive into what the experts are saying about selected stocks. It has produced the 3 most-read news stories of the year:

Billionaire Jim Simons Places Bet on 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks

Billionaire George Soros Places Bet on 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks

Goldman Sachs: These 3 Stocks Are Poised to Surge by at Least 40%

How TipRanks Got Better in 2020

TipRanks underwent a number of other improvements in 2020. Here are just a few:

Android App – After a much-anticipated wait, we launched our Android app. The test version has already attracted great feedback, and we’ll prioritize expanding it in 2021.

Globalization – We added the London Stock Exchange to TipRanks, the first market outside of North America, joining the United States and Canada. We will continue to expand our globalization in 2021, with more European and Australasian markets.

New Homepage – With improved functionality and significantly more data, our new homepage is designed to make it easier for users to navigate TipRanks and effortlessly access our different research tools.

Improved Portfolio Integration – We made it simpler for investors to sync their portfolios from their bank and brokers with TipRanks’ Smart Portfolio. Users can now track their portfolios on TipRanks without manually feeding transactions.

Stock Research – Analysts tab design – Responding to feedback from TipRanks users, we made some design improvements to the analyst tab, making it easier for users to understand an analyst’s star rating. In 2021 we’ll incorporate this cleaner look into other tools.

New Pages and Features – In addition, we added some new features to the site, including the earnings tab to our stock research and the popular stock comparison tool.   

More Partners

It’s not just TipRanks direct customers who benefit from our unique data and insights. A number of leading financial institutions incorporate them into their offers. In 2020 major new partners included TD Bank – our first partnership in Canada, TD Ameritrade, and the St Petersburg stock exchange.

In more business news, Singapore multinational technology corporation Prytek invested an additional $12 million investment in TipRanks, raising its funding to $15 million.

What to Expect in 2021

With an expanded and ambitious team behind the scenes, these are just some of the improvements on the horizon.

  • Adding a watchlist and fractional shares to our Smart Portfolio
  • Index pages for S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq
  • Penny stock and FANNG stock pages
  • New datasets
  • Dividend calculator
  • Transcripts
  • Expanding ETF research tools
  • Improved design and functionality  

A Big Thank You

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to our users. We are extremely grateful to you for your trust and loyalty. Please feel welcome to contact us with feedback, suggestions or just to say hi! Get in touch directly through our support team, or on any of our social channels.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2021!

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