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The Most Traded Stocks by TipRanks Investors in September 2021

Which stocks were individual investors most excited about in September 2021? We took a dive into the activities of over 480,000 investors with a TipRanks Smart Portfolio to find out.

These were the most traded stocks of the month.

Most Bought Stocks

There was one newcomer in this month’s list – EV company, Lucid Group, whose stock went up by 27% in September. The company announced that it had begun production on its high-end luxury electric sedan. Let’s see if it will become a regular in the top 10.

Looking back to August, we wondered how Robinhood would fair this month, following its summer IPO. The stock dropped from being the 13th most popular stock to the 44th.  On the other hand, SoFi Technologies kept its spot at number 10.

Also worth noting is Palantir, which got knocked out of the top 10 most bought stocks list for the first time since we started producing this list back in March. However, the company just announced an $823 million army contract, pushing its stock price up, so it will be interesting to see how TipRanks investors react to this news.  

Taking a closer look at Lucid, the stock has a neutral Smart Score of 7 out of 10, according to our data-driven stock score. If you are interested in learning more about Lucid, it’s worth taking a look at the risk factors from their most recent earnings report, where there was a lot of activity and changes.

1 Apple (AAPL), no change

2 Microsoft (MSFT), previously 6th, replaced Amazon

3 Tesla (TSLA), previously 5th, replaced Nio

4 Nio (NIO), previously 3rd, replaced Nvidia 

5 Lucid Group (LCID), previously 24, replaced Tesla

6 Facebook (FB), previously 8th, replaced Microsoft

7 Alibaba (BABA), no change

8 Nvidia (NVDA), previously 4th, replaced Facebook

9 Amazon (AMZN), previously 2nd, replaced Palantir Technologies 

10 SoFi Technologies (SOFI), no change

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Most Sold Stocks

Lucid made its first appearance here too and meme stock favorite AMC made a return, replacing Advanced Micro Devices and SoFi Technologies.

Looking at AMC in more depth, the stock has a neutral Smart Score of 4. It will be interesting to see whether hedge funds make significant changes in their holdings this quarter following an increase in Q3.

1 Apple (APPL), no change

2 Palantir Technologies (PLTR), previously 5th, replaced Tesla

3 Tesla (TSLA) previously 2nd, replaced Nio

4 Nio (NIO), previously 3rd, replaced Alibaba

5 Amazon (AMZN), previously 9th, replaced Palantir Technologies

6 Alibaba (BABA), previously 4th, replaced SoFi Technologies

7 Nvidia (NVDA), previously 8th, replaced Advanced Micro Devices

8 Microsoft (MSFT), previously 10th, replaced Nvidia 

9 Lucid Group (LCID), previously 24th, replaced Amazon

10 AMC Entertainment (AMC), previously 13th, replaced Microsoft

We’ll be back soon with October’s most traded stocks.