The Most Traded Stocks By TipRanks Investors in June 2021

What were TipRanks investors up to in June? Here’s our monthly look at the most bought and sold stocks by over 450,000 investors with a TipRanks Smart Portfolio.

Most Bought

Apple remains the favorite with TipRanks investors and continues to be the most bought stock of the month as well as the most held.

AMC made an appearance in both the top 10 most bought and sold lists. It was the second most bought as well as the most sold stock of the month. It appeared in neither top 10 list in May.  It will be interesting to track its popularity over the coming months. Although investors are clearly excited about the stock, analysts are Bearish. It has a Hold consensus and a price target that represents over 80% downside, as well as a Smart Score of 4 out of 10, according to our data-based stock score.

1 Apple (APPL), no change

2 AMC Entertainment (AMC), previously 11th place, replaced Nio

3 Nio (NIO), previously 2nd place, replaced Tesla

4 Tesla (TSLA), previously 3rd place, replaced Palantir.

5 Microsoft (MSFT), no change

6 Amazon (AMZN), previously 7th place, replaced Jazz

7 Palantir Technologies (PLTR), previously 4th, replaced Amazon

8 Facebook (FB), no change

9 Alibaba (BABA), previously 13th, replaced Coinbase.

10 Nvidia (NVDA), previously 14th, replaced Google

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Most Sold

Clover entered the top 10 most sold stocks in sixth place, a big move from its previous spot as the 111th most sold stock. Blackberry made an even bigger shift, from the 200th most sold stock to the 8th. According to Wall Street analysts, Blackberry is a Strong Sell stock and it has an Underperform Smart Score of 2.

1 AMC Entertainment (AMC), previously 7th place, replaced Apple

2 Apple (AAPL), previously 1st place, replaced Tesla

3 Nio (NIO), no change

4 Tesla (TSLA), previously 2nd place, replaced Palantir Technologies

5 Palantir Technologies (PLTR), previously 4th place, replaced AT&T

6 Clover Health Investments (CLOV), previously 111th replace

7 Amazon (AMZN), previously 8th, replaced AMC

8 BlackBerry (BB), previously 200th, replaced Amazon

9 Microsoft (MSFT), previously 6th, replaced Coinbase

10 Nvidia (NVDA), previously 15th, replaced Facebook

Disclaimer: The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.