TD Ameritrade To Integrate TipRanks

TD Ameritrade has joined leading financial institutions around the world that partner with TipRanks to provide a new generation of research tools to retail investors.

As a result of the partnership, millions of TD Ameritrade clients have access to new interactive research and analysis capabilities, including the Smart Score – a unique system that scores stocks on a value scale of one to ten.

TipRanks on TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade has integrated the Smart Score including all its underlying datasets such as Analyst Ratings, News Sentiment, and other multi-award-winning research tools.  

As well as showing investors which stocks experts are recommending, the tools make financial advice accountable. It does this by awarding a star rating to anyone making stock recommendations, based on their historical success rate and average return per recommendation.

Smart Score

The Smart Score is easily accessible to anyone doing stock research on TD Ameritrade. It appears in the “Expert Insights” tab.  The score is based on TipRanks’ six proprietary datasets as well as fundamental and technical indicators.

Users can click on any of the datasets to get more detailed information.

Analyst Ratings

In this example, users can see an overview of analyst consensus, price targets, as well as individual analyst activity. They can also see the star rating of all analysts, with 5-star analysts having the best historical performance.

Analyst Ratings include 12-month price targets from within the past three months. This allows for greater accuracy when compared to the six-month window offered by most providers, particularly in volatile markets.

Uri Gruenbaum, CEO of TipRanks, commented: “I am very proud of our new partnership with TD Ameritrade. It is one of the strongest brands in the industry. Many of our retail investors use the platform and this partnership will make their lives much easier. It will also introduce our simplified stock research tools to more investors who benefit from their insights and appreciate that they can see the track records of anyone giving financial advice.”

TD Ameritrade joins leading financial institutions including TD Bank, E*trade,  Interactive Brokers, Santander, Saxo Bank, eToro, and others that have upgraded their research capabilities with the TipRanks research suite.

To learn more about the TipRanks product suite for brokers and funds please visit our Enterprise portal. Or contact us at to discuss how to incorporate our interactive research tools and datasets into your service.