Put the Best Wall Street Analysts to Work for You

The ability to access the aggregated stock ratings and price targets of Wall Street analysts is extremely valuable. This data is based on the deep research of industry experts and offers a powerful indicator of how a stock is set to perform over the next 12 months.

This data becomes even more valuable when focused on the forecasts of the top-performing analysts. TipRanks is the only research platform in the world that offers this level of analysis. It also stands out, as it ranks analysts based on their performance track record, and not on the prestige of the banks they work for.

All Analysts vs. Top Analysts

At the end of 2021, we compared the performance of the average analyst to the top performers over the year. We analyzed 180,421 stock ratings and discovered that after 3 months, the average analyst got it right, or in other words, their rating resulted in a positive return, 51.01% of the time, and their average return was 0.38% over this time frame. This was significantly less than the top performers, who got it right 80.3% of the time, with an average return of 13.16%.

How can you access this data without conducting endless hours of research? The answer is, by using the TipRanks Stock Forecasts & Price Targets tool, one of our most popular features for stock analysis.

We track the activity of almost 8,000 Wall Street analysts, covering over 23,000 stocks globally.

What’s more, as TipRanks measures and ranks analysts according to their track records, you can filter the data to only focus on top-performing analysts. Here’s how it works.

Aggregated Ratings and Price Targets

At a glance, you can see the aggregated analyst rating consensus of a stock according to all sell-side analysts or only the top performers. The consensus ranges from Strong Buy to Strong Sell and is based on ratings made over the past three months.

Importantly, you have immediate access to the average 12-month price target, again either according to all analysts, or top analysts, as well as an overview of the highest and lowest price targets.

Detailed List of Analyst Forecasts

See a detailed list of all analysts who are rating this stock, as they make their ratings. The data can be filtered by a number of criteria, such as analyst performance, giving you the ability to focus only on the top performers and the type of rating (Buy, Hold, Sell). You can also filter for upside/downside potential, and for action, for example, according to whether an analyst has initiated, upgraded, downgraded, or reiterated their coverage of this stock.

The list covers analyst ratings over the past 12 months. For each rating, you can see the analyst’s full name, and their star ranking, based on their performance track record, the price target for this stock and whether their position is Buy, Hold or Sell, and the stock’s upside/ downside based on the price target and the current stock price, and more.

Analysts’ Stock Coverage

TipRanks also shows you how an analyst performs on a per-stock basis, giving you further data about whether you want to follow an analyst’s rating for a specific stock.

How to Find the Analyst Forecasts

This tab is our most widely used feature for stock analysis. It is the default feature when conducting stock analysis on TipRanks. Enter the name or stock ticker into the search bar to reach this feature.

Now, Give it a Try

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