Put the Best Wall Street Analysts to Work for You with TipRanks Price Targets and Analyst Ratings

Knowing the price targets and stock ratings of the best performing Wall Street analysts is valuable information. After all, analysts have access to sophisticated research tools and years of experience. The best performers generate significantly higher returns than the S&P 500. 

Yet, how can you access this data without conducting endless hours of research? The answer is with the TipRanks Price Target and Analyst Ratings tab, one of our most popular research tools.

TipRanks tracks and analyses the stock ratings and price targets of over 7,000 Wall Street professionals, the tab gives you easy access to this essential data.

What’s more, as TipRanks measures and ranks analysts according to their track records, you can filter the data to only focus on top-performing analysts. Here’s how it works.

All Analysts vs. Best Performing Analysts

When you go to the Analysts tab the default setting is all analysts. You can easily choose to focus only on the best performing analysts by clicking on the radio button on the right-hand side. Today we’re looking at analyst ratings for Microsoft. Below, we’ll explain how to reach the tab on the website from the different search options.

Analyst Rating Consensus

The first thing you see is analyst consensus for the stock you are researching, in this case, it is “Strong Buy”. You can see how many ratings the consensus represents. The pie chart shows you a visual overview of analyst positions from the past 3 months.  

Analyst Price Target

Next, is the Analyst Price Target graph. Above the graph you can see the average price target and corresponding upside potential. Alongside is a clearly written explanation of the data shown in the graph.

The blue line on the left-hand side of the graph gives you an overview of the stock price and analyst consensus over the past 12 months.  Hover over the line to see analyst consensus at the beginning of each month.

The right-hand side of the graph projects what the next 12 months could look like based on the highest, average, and lowest price estimates.

Detailed List of Analyst Positions

The Analyst Forecast section shows you the positions of analysts with a rating for the stock you are researching.

The table is ordered according to the date, with the most recent rating appearing on top. Like all our tables, you can easily re-sort the order the results appear by clicking on column headers. You can order the table according to:

– Analyst name
– Firm
– Ranking (of analysts, 5-star analysts have the strongest track records)
– Position
– Date

In addition, you can easily filter the data to focus on:

-Position – Buy, Sell, and/or Hold
– Action – Initiated, Upgraded, Reiterated, Downgraded, Assigned
– Analyst Ranking – 5-star analysts have the highest success rate, average returns, and transaction count

You can get more information on any analyst by clicking on their name. You can easily follow any analyst by clicking on the blue + to get notifications about their activity. Hover your mouse over the icon in the article column to see the headline about their rating or click on it to read the original source.

How to Find the Analyst Price Target and Ratings Tab

This tab is our most widely used and is the default tab when you research a stock on TipRanks.

You put the name of the stock you want to research in the search bar on the TipRanks homepage. You can also use the in the header navigation bar throughout the site:

Or click on one of the stocks listed on our menu bar.

See How it Works!

Now, Give it a Try

Put the best Wall Street analysts to work for you with the TipRanks Price Target and Analyst Ratings tab. It is easy to use and provides essential information for individual investors.

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