Optimize Your Investments with the TipRanks Smart Portfolio

How can you best assess and optimize your investment portfolio? The TipRanks Smart Portfolio offers you essential insights into the stocks you own and gives you a full portfolio analysis. It even enables you to compare your portfolio to other investors, including top performers.

Smart Portfolio is unique as it utilizes TipRanks datasets and incorporates them into your portfolio analysis.  For example, it shows you the news sentiment and analyst consensus for stocks you own. It alerts you if you have any ‘at risk’ stocks in your portfolio. Smart Portfolio even measures your performance, just as TipRanks measures and ranks experts.

Like all TipRanks tools, Smart Portfolio is easy to use and helps you make data-driven investment decisions.

This is the first in a series where we focus on how you can use Smart Portfolio to easily manage and optimize your investments. Here’s how to open a portfolio and see an overview of your holdings.

Getting Started

Opening a Smart Portfolio couldn’t be easier. You can

– Add stocks manually
– Sync with your existing portfolio
– Upload your watchlist from a CSV file

Sync Your Portfolio

Many investors sync their portfolios to gain deeper, actionable insights into their holdings.

If you are using Smart Portfolio for the first time, or don’t yet have any saved holdings, simply click on ‘Connect Your Existing Portfolio’ to start the sync. You can see how here.

If you already have holdings in your portfolio and want to sync with your bank or broker, just click on ‘Add Portfolio’ at the top of the tool. See how here.

Once the sync completes, your entire portfolio will appear, with TipRanks insights and analysis. All the insights go back to the dates you originally added stocks (and not from the sync date).

The newly improved sync is even better than before, as it supports most banks and brokerages. Powered by Plaid, which is owned by Visa, it guarantees the highest level of security and protects your privacy.

Portfolio Overview

Once you’ve opened a Smart Portfolio, or a number of portfolios, you can easily track performance.

The overview section presents your portfolio returns. You immediately see the value of your holdings, your daily return, as well as monthly and total gain.

Daily Gainers and Losers

You can also see the day’s winning and losing stocks.

Market Overview

Compare the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Gold, and the Dow Jones. While the default time range is 5 months you can easily adjust it to compare performance over 5 days, 1 month, year to date, 1 year, and 5 years.

Your Return vs. S&P 500

You can easily see how your portfolio performance compares to the S&P 500.

Portfolio News

Next, find out how the news is reporting the stocks you hold.  Our Natural Language Processing algorithms have analyzed and sorted the stories so you can choose to focus on all, bullish, or bearish news by clicking on the relevant tab.

Upcoming Events

Finally, in the overview section, you see a list of upcoming events related to your stocks, including earnings reports and ex-dividend dates.

Where to Find Smart Portfolio

You can easily reach the Smart Portfolio tool from the header of our website.

Now, Give it a Try!

Smart Portfolio is one of our most popular tools. It’s easy to open and the overview section gives you important insights, news, and updates.

In our next installment in the series, you’ll get a deeper dive into your holdings, including how experts rate them.

In the meantime, why not get started for free!

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