New on TipRanks! Penny Stock Screener

While penny stocks are highly speculative investments, many thrive on the potential of outsized returns. So, what should you do if you want to add these risky stocks to your portfolio? We’ve introduced a brand-new penny stock screener to TipRanks to simplify your research and help you make better, data-driven decisions.

How to Access the Penny Stock Screener

You can get to the screener from the menu at the top of the TipRanks website. Go to Research Tools then click on Penny Stocks.  

penny stocks on main menu

Penny Stock Screener

The first thing you see is the screener itself. As with all our tools, you can search according to different categories, including sector, price target upsides, Smart Score – our unique stock scoring system which measures stocks on 8 market factors, and news sentiment, from Very Bullish to Very Bearish. You can add even more filters to your search, and search for penny stocks according to more of our unique datasets by clicking on “More Filters”.

What’s more, you can adjust the columns that appear on the screener, by clicking on ‘Select Columns’.

Penny stock company names are all clickable, and take you to the stock research tool, enabling you to conduct more comprehensive research.

penny stock screener

Penny Stocks Latest News

Next, you can read the most recent articles about penny stocks without having to navigate to the news portal.

penny stocks latest news

Most Recent Analyst Ratings of Penny Stocks

What do Wall Street analysts say about Penny Stocks? Look no further, you can see which penny stocks have recent rating by Wall Street analysts. The table also shows you the star-ranking of the analyst, with 5-star analysts being those with the best returns and success rates.

analyst ratings of penny stocks

Most Recent Earnings of Penny Stocks

See which penny stocks have recently reported earnings. The table includes essential information such as Forecast/ EPS, last year’s EPS, and EPS YoY change.


Finally you can see some of the most frequently asked questions about penny stocks, including which have the best upside potential.

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