Mutual Funds – Now on TipRanks!
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Mutual Funds – Now on TipRanks!

TipRanks has expanded your stock research capabilities by adding mutual funds pages to our website. Now, you can easily research the major mutual funds you are interested in buying, or click through our pages to discover new mutual fund investment ideas.

Our unique datasets give savvy investors all the information they need to make smart, data-based mutual fund investing decisions. Find any mutual fund page by entering the ticker into our Search Box.

Mutual Fund Analysis Pages

Our Analysis pages for each mutual fund show you a price movement graph, which you can toggle among various time periods. They also provide key data about the fund, such as its assets, liabilities, and 52-week range.

Further down on the Analysis page, you will find links to recent News stories about stocks that the fund holds. We also provide a handy chart displaying the Top Ten Holdings of the fund, and the weights they contribute to the fund. Additionally, our Smart Score, which is based on the weighted Smart Scores of all the fund’s holdings, gives you an indication of how likely the mutual fund is to beat the market. A fund with a Smart Score of 7 to 10 is likely to outperform the market.

Mutual Fund Analyst Forecast Pages

TipRanks also gives an analyst consensus forecast and price target for each mutual fund, much like we do for all our stocks. The analyst rating and price target, which are features unique to TipRanks, are based on a weighted average of the ratings and price targets of all the stocks held by the mutual fund. Our chart displays the weighted average price target on all the holdings, as well as the highest and lowest price targets on all the holdings, which are based on their weighted averages as well.

Further down on the Forecast page, you will find two lists of stocks the mutual fund holds. One is a list of the five stocks with the Highest Upside Potential, and the other is a list of the five stocks with the Highest Downside Potential, according to their average analyst price targets.

Mutual Fund Holdings Pages

TipRanks makes it simple to learn about all the stocks a mutual fund holds. For each mutual fund, we display a comprehensive list of all the fund’s holdings, showing a variety of data for each Holding, from Market Value, to Yearly Gain, and more. As a bonus, you can filter the list according to Market Cap, Smart Score, Price Target Upside, and more.

Furthermore, we display each fund’s total number of holdings, the dollar amount of Total Assets in the fund, and the percentage of the mutual fund’s holdings that is comprised by its top 10% of holdings.

To further facilitate your mutual fund research, we how you pie charts with the breakdown of holdings according to Sector and Country, as well as a breakdown by Smart Score. The Smart Score pie chart displays the number of holdings with each Smart Score, from 1 to 10.

Mutual Fund Dividend Pages

Many investors are deeply interested in dividend investing. Therefore, TipRanks shows you everything you could want to know about mutual funds’ dividends.

To start with, we give you up-to-date data about the mutual fund’s Last Ex-Dividend Date, Dividend Amount per Share, Dividend Growth, and Dividend Yield.

Next, our Dividend Amount per Share bar charts show you the fund’s historical Dividend Amount and Dividend Yield.

Following that, we display a line graph depicting the range of the fund’s dividend yield, over time.

Lastly, our Dividend History table gives a fuller picture of the stock’s dividend-granting. It includes the Ex-Dividend Date, Record Date, Payment Date, Amount, and Frequency, over the past few quarters.

As always, TipRanks is here to level the playing field and help everyday investors make informed investment decisions.

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