Meet the TipRanks Team – Eyal Gershon, Head of Product and UX

Eyal is one of the longest-serving members of the TipRanks team. He joined the company seven and a half years ago, just after it was founded. Eyal started as Lead UX Designer. Today he heads the product and UX department.

What is UX design and what attracted you to this field?

UX stands for User Experience and relates to how people feel when they interact with a product. It is concerned, for example, with the practical value users gain. It also considers how people feel when they interact with a brand in general. 

I have always been passionate about art, design, and illustration. I studied design at Wizo Academy, which is a specialized design school. Then I became fascinated by UX. I am intrigued by how it can provide people with a meaningful experience when interacting with a product. 

What role does UX play in developing products at TipRanks?

The main challenge we face is how to create infographic elements that represent our unique signals. 

The way we have approached this is to develop our own language of icons and infographics. These visuals explain different types of data and signals to our users. For example, we took a familiar stock market visual where green means up and red means down. Then we created our own graphical language. When an analyst has a buy rating, we show it in turquoise. We show sell ratings in purple. You can see an example here from our Daily Stock Ratings tool.

You recently made changes to the stock research analyst tab. What changes did you make and why?

As we are driven by user feedback, we like to find out how our clients interact with our interface and tools. We recently carried out a usability test on the analyst tab. In this test, we discovered that people who were new to TipRanks didn’t understand that the star ranking shown on the table referred to analyst performance. Rather, they thought it was related to the analysts’ stock recommendation. We wanted to fix this.

We decided to change our approach to this table, moving away from a simple list, much like an Excel sheet table, to a more modern look. The analyst name and ranking now appear alongside their picture. In addition, we added a roll-over to the analyst so users can easily see their success rate and average return. 

How do you see the TipRanks User Experience developing in the future?

Until recently only a small percentage of our users accessed TipRanks from their mobile devices. This is quickly changing and we are now focusing on creating a better user experience on mobile. For example, we are currently developing new filters specifically for mobile use. 

TipRanks works with big partners, such as banks and trading platforms, how different is your approach to UX design when working with other organizations? 

When we provide design suggestions for banks and trading platforms, we research their platform and learn about their design system and visual language. We then take our infographic elements and adapt them to our partner and their clients’ needs. You can see some examples here:

Smart Score on TD Ameritrade

Analyst Consensus & Price Target on e-Toro

Analyst Price Target & News Sentiment on Interactive Brokers

Can you tell us about your team?

We are a team of five. We have two talented UX designers, Gili, our lead designer, has been with us for five years and among other things, designed our iOS app. Yael started less than a year ago and her work includes digital design. Matan is our lead product, he has introduced new UX components and has improved our workflow and system. Itamar recently joined us, he’s a TipRanks user and we’re excited to integrate his ideas.

And finally, how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

I’m going to give you more than 3! Here they are – focused, forward-thinking, creative, and inspired by music.